Animals can be found throughout Alpoko. These animals are part of Princess Shizuka's special quest. Most are taken by UFOs except for Rats after a certain point in the game. There are a total of 14 Animals. Corobo can race some of them from Soldier Town to Kingdom of the Jolly if he wishes.

Animal Book List

# 1 Bear Cub

Bear Cub

A cute little cub that was going to be made into a pillow. Hide the children!

# 2 Piglet


Adorably delicious! Was going to be the main dish at a BBQ party, but was saved.

# 3 Cat


The cleanest animal in the universe. It was even cleaning itself on the UFO.

# 4 Chick


Charming little bird with a cute chirp. Was going to be sold as a pet on Venus.

# 5 Chicken


Loud and annoying and an early riser. Was to be used as an alien alarm clock.

# 6 Squirrel


Insanely upbeat and cheerful, it really enjoyed it's time in the UFO!

# 7 Cow


The luckiest bovine alive. UFOs usually mutilate cows, but this one's all right.

# 8 Dog


Spot the wonder dog. Found the answer to life, the universe, and everything!

# 9 Raccoon Dog

Raccoon Dog

Looks like a raccoon, but drinks like a fish. Drank all the booze on the UFO.

# 10 Sparrow


Loves to talk so much that it managed to drive several aliens totally insane.

# 11 Penguin


Totally fearless! When captured, just kept asking, "Dood, where's my car?"

# 12 Rabbit


A hyperactive bunny that loves to hop around. Almost trashed the UFO.

# 13 Sheep


Super warm and fluffy, the aliens used it as a sweater...while it was alive.

# 14 Panda


This panda used its kung fu hustle to beat down the aliens!

Additional Animal Images

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