Animals can be found throughout Alpoko. These animals are part of Princess Shizuka's special quest. The animals are taken by UFOs after the God UFO quest has been completed. The UFOs will crash, meaning that Corobo must find them to save all 14 animals. After saving some specific animals, Corobo will be able to enter races against them through the Mysterious Shortcut, as arranged by Uncle Tin.

A map displaying the locations of every Crashed UFO can be found here.

Animal Book List

# 1 Bear Cub

Bear Cub

A cute little cub that was going to be made into a pillow. Hide the children!

# 2 Piglet


Adorably delicious! Was going to be the main dish at a BBQ party, but was saved.

# 3 Cat


The cleanest animal in the universe. It was even cleaning itself on the UFO.

# 4 Chick


Charming little bird with a cute chirp. Was going to be sold as a pet on Venus.

# 5 Chicken


Loud and annoying and an early riser. Was to be used as an alien alarm clock.

# 6 Squirrel


Insanely upbeat and cheerful, it really enjoyed its time in the UFO!

# 7 Cow


The luckiest bovine alive. UFOs usually mutilate cows, but this one's all right.

# 8 Dog


Spot the wonder dog. Found the answer to life, the universe, and everything!

# 9 Raccoon Dog

Raccoon Dog

Looks like a raccoon, but drinks like a fish. Drank all the booze on the UFO.

# 10 Sparrow


Loves to talk so much that it managed to drive several aliens totally insane.

# 11 Penguin


Totally fearless! When captured, just kept asking, "Dood, where's my car?"

# 12 Rabbit


A hyperactive bunny that loves to hop around. Almost trashed the UFO.

# 13 Sheep


Super warm and fluffy, the aliens used it as a sweater...while it was alive.

# 14 Panda


This panda used its kung fu hustle to beat down the aliens!

Additional Animal Images

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