Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Life 300
Location Jolly Kingdom
UMA Book Description A legendary UMA said to be very strong.

Blue Dragon is the Final Guardian UMA faced by Corobo in Little Kings Story. It lives in an underground tunnel sealed with a breakable ice crystal in the Small Lot, an area only accessible after the Radeeze Guardian is defeated.

This UMA is one of three to only appear as a Guardian. After its defeat, Miner's Town can be developed.

Guardian Battle

Blue Dragon 2

The Blue Dragon is found

First Phase

When the Blue Dragon's is encountered, it will initially be curled up asleep.

Only a few of the Blue Dragon's attacks be triggered by proximity, as most of its attacks are counterattacks to citizens.

Attack Effect Description
Swipes tail Area-of-effect, Blow Away Instant-kill attack, swings tail inwards and hits itself in the head
Breathes ice Area-of-effect, Snowman Wakes up briefly and breathes ice directly in front of its stomach
Icicle drop Projectile Wakes up briefly and breathes ice at the ceiling of the cave, causing several icicles to drop in front of it to form a blockade - each icicle can be destroyed in one hit
Curl up None Performed before some attacks, does not do damage but does knock off Soldiers clung onto its body

Second Phase

During the second phase, after its Life is reduced to roughly a third, the Blue Dragon will fully wake up. It will now behave similarly to the Marble Dragon. Upon getting up, its head will do damage.

Attack Effect Description
Spins tail Area-of-effect, Blow Away Instant-kill attack
Body slam Area-of-effect Jumps into air and slams body against ground
Dragon combo Area-of-effect, Snowman Stomps in place to shake off citizens, flies into the air, breathes a circle of ice from above which drops icicles, then slams down into the middle of the circle with a shockwave - likely to perform the Tail spin attack afterwards
Runs forwards Charge Fast start-up, will keep running until it hits the cave walls, only performed when not being directly attacked



  • The UMA Book's picture of the Blue Dragon greatly exaggerated its size, claiming it to be three times taller that the Castle.
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