Bony Tunnel
Boney Tunnel
Kingdom Unclear
Characteristics Dark

"The 'Skull Plains' lie beyond this tunnel. Do not enter! Danger! Danger! There's nothing but skulls at the other end!"
The Bony Tunnel connects the Bony Tunnel Entrance to the Skull Plains. It is a subterranean passageway in the west of The World covered by a large boulder that can only be broken by a Ripped Miner.


The Bony Tunnel's dirt walls are decorated with fossilized bones of Onii, as well as a few golden markings like in the Dark Valley. Some of these bones are shaped like arrows to guide Corobo through the Tunnel.

The Tunnel itself features two trash piles that clear out during earthquakes that occur after Duvroc and Shishkebaboo are defeated. Arsonist Onii that breathe fire outwards appear throughout the Tunnel. In the middle of the Tunnel is a sign warning of the earthquakes. An Art piece lies just before the exit.

After Corobo discovers 52 UMA for the UMA Book, Princess Bouquet will send the UMA = 1 quest to him, which leads him to this area. The wall of the cavern is now cracked, and can be broken through with a Hardworking Farmer. Inside this cavern are pots, many Escargoo, and the location of the final UMA: the Gold Escargoo.




Names in other languages

Name Meaning
Japanese ホネホネトンネル


Bone Bone Tunnel
Spanish Túnel de los Huesos Bone Tunnel


  • The crack in the wall is mysteriously weak to Hardworking Farmers instead of Ripped Miners. This is the only time in the game that the Farmer has a cling-on ability.
  • The Bony Tunnel goes under the Forest Cafeteria raceway, with its exit being directly behind the Wide Pin Pinball area, meaning that it may belong to the Ripe Kingdom.
  • The Tunnel area is loaded above the map itself. This is unlike most sub-areas which are loaded beyond the sea, such as the cavern which holds the Gold Escargoo.
    • Despite being a separately loaded area, the length of the Tunnel area is actually the exact distance of the entrance and exit in the main overworld.


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