Bosses in Little King's Story come in two forms: Kings and Guardians. Several other minor Boss battles also appear throughout the adventure.


Bosses Artwork

The King Bosses (left, Jumbo Champloon, bottom left, King Shishkebaboo, top, Long Sauvage, right, Onii King, bottom right, King Omelet, bottom middle, TV Dinnah, between TV Dinnah and King Shishkebaboo, King Duvroc).

The seven main bosses in Little King's Story are the seven Kings ruling seven kingdoms. Once Corobo beats one, he takes over the corresponding kingdom and gains a princess. They are:

Each of the Kings is named after a food or drink, as is the case with the rest of the main cast of Little King's Story. (Main Article: Etymology)

Pages 152-153 Concept Art 2

Concept art for the Kings from the King Story Official Guidebook


Along with Kings, there are Guardian UMA that protect Forests. Defeating one will allow Corobo to build villages and cities in the land where the forest once stood. Only Cow Bones, the Onii Man, and either the Clockwork Knight or the Blue Dragon are necessary to finish the game, while the rest are optional.


Some sidequests involve fighting bosses that do not affect the main story.

Final Boss

After defeating all the Kings, a new objective begins which results in King Corobo fighting one final opponent.

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