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Brainy Doctor
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Brainy Doctor
Skills Paralyzing UMA
"I've heard of this job. It's super rare. I think they carry around huge syringes. One shot from their syringe will paralyze most UMA almost instantly. Or so I've heard... I'm not sure about this, but I think they can only use it for a limited number of times. As healthcare professionals, manual labor is beneath them. By the way, I like the nurses much better than doctors. I'm just saying..."
— Liam

The Brainy Doctor is one of three special Jobs in Little King's Story. The Brainy Doctor appears in Glamour Town after donating to the Royal School seven times, where a single child's education will push them into the world of medicine, transforming them into the Brainy Doctor. To recruit him, Corobo must catch him on his lunch break at 3:30 in the afternoon and talk to him.


The Brainy Doctor can dig and aid construction, but cannot break obstacles. The Doctor's gimmick is the ability to perform a guaranteed stun on an enemy. When targeting UMA, the Brainy Doctor will perform an airshot from their syringe as a startup, before lunging at the enemy with it, inflicting them with stun. The Doctor's shots have an ammo count of 30, which will reset when Corobo reenters Alpoko's borders. Once these shots run out, the Doctor will attack by stabbing the enemy with their blunt needle.


  • The PAL and NTSC box arts feature art of the Brainy Doctor with a different design, where their face is visible and their mouth isn't covered.
  • The Brainy Doctor is the only job whose icon is not an item of clothing, instead being his syringe weapon. Incidentally, this is also the icon for his ammo count.


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