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Carefree Child
Skills Climbing Tress
"These are kids that do nothing but play all day. They may be carefree, but they can still dig holes. They can also climb trees, which could be useful. They can't break down rocks or trees and fighting is out. Come on, they're only kids."
— Liam

Carefree Children are a class of Jobs in Little King's Story. Carefree Children are obtained after two citizens are married at the Soup Church. They can become a Carefree Adult at the Royal School, where they will be slightly shorter than a regular Carefree Adult. The game keeps track of which child belongs to which adult, so that the child can make an appearance at their parent's funeral should one of them perish. By default, Children always possess 1 health.


As with most classes, Carefree Children can dig holes and aid construction. They cannot break obstacles, but despite what Liam says, they can deal damage to target UMA: the children have a slow slap attack which has a chance of either doing a single hit of damage, or no damage at all.

The Children's main ability is to climb blue trees, of which there are six, each containing an Art piece:


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