Castle Town
Castle Town
Castle Town Kingdom Plan Image
Kingdom Alpoko
Locations Farmhouse
Guard House
Town Square
Soup Church
Carpenter Hut
Red-Roof House
Yellow-Roof House
Blue-Roof House
Straw-Roof House

Castle Town

Castle Town, is one of the first areas of Alpoko you may visit in the game. As its name implys it is located right next to your castle across the bridge. At first it is a meadow with lazy Carefree Adults dancing around. But, as you earn more Bol, you can buy many important buildings here, such as the Church.

The Town Square, where the Suggestion Box is located, is in the Castle Town, as well. Once you complete the Town Square, you will get a letter telling you about Cow Bones, the Guardian UMA of Western Castle Town, who is residing in the deserted graveyard. Once you defeat him the Cow Festival is held, because all the UMA in Western Castle Town and the Graveyard have dissapeared. Making it able to be built on, and connecting, your Kingdom, to Upchuck Forest(Grassland Village), and the Farmland.

List of Buildings for Castle Town in Kingdom Plan:

Farmhouse Region: Castle Town Cost: 90000 Bol You can train hardworking farmers. They specialise in excavating holes!

Guard Hut Region: Castle Town Cost: 100000 Bol You can train grunt soldiers! They specialize in battle!

Town Square Region: Castle Town Cost: 1200000 Bol Set up a suggestion box to hear your citizens' complaints and requests!

Carpenter Hut Region: Castle Town Cost: 1050000 Bol You can train regular carpenters. Now you can make bridges and stairs.

Red Roof House&nbsp Region: Castle Town Cost: 130000 Bol A groovy house with a red roof. You will gain 2 citizens!

Yellow Roof House Region: Castle Town Cost: 280000 Bol A cool house with a yellow roof. You will gain 2 citizens!

Blue Roof House&nbsp Region: Castle Town Cost: 340000 Bol A banging house with a blue roof. You will gain 2 citizens!

Straw Roof House&nbsp Region: Castle Town Cost: 400000 Bol A bombdigity house with a straw roof. You will gain 2 citizens!

Soup Church Region: Castle Town Cost: 44000 Bol Build a church in the cemetery. You might be blessed by god!


  • Once you beat Cow Bones a Dirt Road runs through the Castle Town, and if you build everything listed in the Kingdom Plan for Castle Town it becomes a Stone Road. Benchs and Shrubs will appear as well.
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