King Corobo
Corobo promo art
Promotional Artwork of Corobo
Sex Male
Ruler of Kingdom of Alpoko
Subjects Alpokians
Abilities Persuasion
"Corobo is a timid young boy with extraordinary good luck. While lost in the forest near his home, he happens upon a crown that bestows the wearer the power of ultimate persuasion. Now the ruler of a nation, will he use his newfound powers for the good of his subjects, or will he let his newfound power go straight to his head?"
— Little King's Story NTSC Instruction Booklet

Corobo Bred (コロボ・ブレッド, Korobo bureddo), often referred to as King Corobo or The King, is the eponymous protagonist of Little King's Story, who rules over the ever-expanding Kingdom of Alpoko and leads his men to invade neighboring kingdoms.


" I am more noble than you, and he is more noble than me. The rich are more noble than the poor, and those who work hard are more noble than the lazy. So, who is the most noble of them all?"
— Corobo

Corobo is a young, lonely boy with a wide imagination, who once spent his days playing with a Box Theatre play set in his room, acting out a much better fantasy version of his life. One day, after chasing some rats into a forest, he finds a Magic Crown, gifting him with the power of persuasion. This is seen by Howser Oreganostein, a Noble Bull Knight, along with two of Corobo's childhood friends, Liam and Verde, and Howser's steed Pancho. With his newfound power, Corobo is made King of the Kingdom of Alpoko, a desolate town with little to no employment. With Howser's advice, Liam's knowledge, and Verde's record-keeping, Corobo sets out with his Royal Guard to become the best king that ever lived, by eradicating the UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals) that roam the neighbouring forests and conquering all rival kingdoms to achieve World Unification.

Happy Corobo

King Corobo in Little King's Story

Corobo is described as young, but his age is nebulous and never specified. He has bright blue eyes, and a messy bedhead hairstyle with mixed shades of sandy blond and chocolate brown. At the start of his adventure, Corobo is seen wearing blue and white striped pyjamas, with large yellow buttons. When he becomes King and dons the Magic Crown, Corobo gains a red robe with white cuffs and collar, over a dark red undershirt. He wears brown boots with a curved sole, white buckled shorts, and wields a gold and blue scepter, with a matching pendant around his neck. According to Ferne, Corobo has a mole on the back of his neck.

Bouquet reveals several of Corobo's measurements: his height is 115cm (3'8"), he weighs 35kg (77 lbs) and he has a BMI of 19.5.

Like the citizens, Corobo will "age" when he takes damage. Two health will give give Corobo a beard, and one health will give Corobo gray hair. When playing Tyrant Mode, Corobo will always have gray hair and a beard as his health is always limited to one.


Corobo's main power as King stems from his Magic Crown, granting him the ability to control minds. Corobo can hire citizens in his Kingdom to join his Royal Guard, and command them forwards to interact with anything they find. He can also order them to retreat at any given time, change the formation they take, and control which citizen he is using. However, Corobo's subjects will still have an opinion of him, depending on certain actions he takes. The happier the citizens are, the more effective they are on the field. Corobo can also perform a weak attack using his sceptre.

Compared to his rival kings, Corobo has much less health, as do his citizens, and has limited capacity for directly attacking. To compensate, Corobo can order his citizens quickly, and deal a lot of damage at once to a selected target, as well as having citizens designed for different tasks and forms of combat through various job classes.


Corobo's Name

Corobo's full name shown in a TGS trailer

In Little King's Story, the player has the option to name The King. While the player may choose any name, "Corobo" is the first name under the "Random" option. Corobo is also referred to as such in booklets, official material, promotional text, and the like.

Corobo could be named after a Japanese fast-cooker by the same name, as this would follow the food and drink motif used for main characters. In various promotional material, Corobo's last name is said to be "Bred", an alternative spelling of "bread", once again using a food motif.

Names in other languages

Name Meaning
Japanese コロボ王


King Korobo
French Roi Kolobo King Kolobo
Italian Re Korobo King Korobo
German König Corobo King Corobo
Spanish Rey Corobo

S.M. Corobo

King Corobo

H.M. Corobo

In the Spanish release, Corobo is often referred to as "S.M. Corobo". S.M. stands for "su Majestad" or "His Majesty".


  • Corobo was nominated for the 2009 Character of the Year award in the Nintendo Power magazine.
  • Corobo is described as being the "mascot" of Xseed Games. [1] The company has even gone as far as to state that they want King Corobo to join the Super Smash Bros. video game series. [2]
  • Within Little King's Story's canon, it is never officially revealed whether Corobo is an Alpokian himself, or whether he comes from a different town entirely.
  • When talking to the Rainbow Wizard, he refers to Corobo's "dad" in his dialogue. This is the only time Corobo's parentage is brought up by any character.
    • It is possible that this dialogue is an accidental remnant of the unused Project Q mode.
    • A model for an unused woman resembling Corobo exists in the game's data. This could be Corobo's mother, potentially intended to appear in the unused Chapter 0.
  • During King Omelet's quiz, Corobo appears as an answer to the final question. However, since he is a mostly silent protagonist, the real Corobo cannot interact with this mirage of himself, and he therefore has no vocal opinion on "the question".
  • King Corobo is featured in issues 190 and 210 of the popular Brawl in the Family fan-webcomic series. [3]
    • Hovering the mouse over issue 210 reveals the words "This was probably Howser's idea."


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