Corobo's Forest
Corobo Lost in Forest
Corobo lost in the Forest
Kingdom Alpoko
Characteristics Wooded

Corobo's Forest (王様の森, Ōsama no mori) is the woodland belonging to Corobo, east of Castle Town. In the opening, it is referred to as the Dark Forest. It was originally the Turnip Forest before the Cow Bones Guardian was defeated. It is the area Corobo becomes lost in during the opening to the story. During the day, the piglet, the raccoon, the bear cub and the panda run around this forest.

Corobo's Forest does not change much from when it was the Turnip Forest initially. However, after Corobo begins employing Buff Lumberjacks, he can explore much more of the area, due to this job being able to clear out large fallen trees.

In the central glade at night, Fierce Owls will appear, as will a Rodeo Cow guarding a hole containing an Art piece.

In the southwest glade, covered by a giant tree stump, is a hole containing several Turnipheads and some treasure. In this glade is also a Mysterious Scarecrow, which Verde would have been seen flirting with in an unused cutscene, pretending it was Corobo.

The northern glade, also covered by a giant stump, is where Ginger Kyde's tent is located. The Dealer's Confession quest also takes place deep in this wood, and occurs after Corobo has given 50 pieces of Art to Ginger.

A hidden path west of the northern glade leads to the rock were Corobo finds his Magic Crown in the opening to the story, fenced off like a tourist attraction. In one of the bushes surrounding this rock is another Art piece.


The music for this area is a short but faithful interpretation of Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony, 5th Movement."




Names in other languages

Name Meaning
Japanese 王様の森

Ōsama no mori

The King's Forest


  • Originally, an opening chapter would have taken place here, where Corobo would have searched for his Crown in his pyjamas. The section was about 40 minutes long, and was scrapped for pacing reasons, with the story related information becoming relegated to the opening cutscene.
  • Despite being conquered before Corobo begins to receive Generated Quests, this area is still referred to as the Turnip Forest in Generated Quests.
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