Cow Bones
Cow Bones
Cow Bones
Life 80
Location Cemetery
UMA Book Description A phantom cow with a skull for a head.

Cow Bones is the first Guardian encountered by King Corobo in Little King's Story. According to Howser, it has existed as a legend for some time within the Kingdom. Cow Bones is the Guardian of the most regions at the same time, being the Ruined Turnip Field, Turnip Forest, Over-there-Beach and his arena, the Crumbling Cemetery. His defeat leads to Alpoko expanding into these four areas, confirming Howser's theory that all UMA within the surrounding area will disappear after a Guardian's defeat.

Later in the story, Cow Bones will appear as regularly occurring UMA in Skull Plains.

Guardian Battle

Being the first Guardian, Cow Bones does not have many gimmicks, as it exists mostly to teach the player how to dodge attacks and punish openings.

Attack Effect Description
Bull charge Charge Scrapes foot twice then charges forwards until it hits a wall - causes it to lose its head and become dazed for about 5 seconds, after which it will perform one of its two other attacks
Body slam Area-of-effect Jumps high into the air and slams into the ground, roughly target's Corobo's position
Flying skull Projectile Skull will detach from head and fly around the arena while biting - hits the sides twice before returning to Cow Bones and shaking off any Soldiers clung to it


Cow Bones attacks differ slightly when appearing as a regular UMA, acting more like a Rodeo Cow.

UFO Battle

During the N1c3 K1ngd0m quest, the UFO summons headless Cow Bones that can be defeated in one hit.



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