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Eggans are the former subjects of the Worrywart Kingdom. They have egg shells for hats and wield large sporks. The Eggans communicate using existential questions related to life and morality.

Worrywart Kingdom

The Eggans evolved from monkeys that fell from space in capsules. After that, they lived in the Worrywart Kingdom, before it became the Eggan Civilization Ruins. Before fighting King Omelet, they emerge from the forest surrounding the giant egg in a series of cutscenes. Between these cutscenes, Corobo may interact with them, where they question his actions, going as far as to call him an invader and a murderer.

During the battle with Omelet, they will surround the egg and attack Corobo and his Royal Guard if they get too close.

After the fight, Corobo is asked to evaluate two Eggans' strength, intelligence, and loyalty. Ultimately, Corobo realises that his answers to these questions do not matter, and that he will never know the true answers.



The Eggan found in Alpoko

After defeating Omelet, an Eggan will immigrate to Alpoko and join Corobo's forces as a Job Class. He can dig and aid construction, but also has the fighting speed of a Soldier, but lacks the cling-on ability. The main role of the Eggan is to destroy hard-boiled eggs found around the Eggan Civilisation Ruins. Doing so will yield two Art pieces. One of these eggs contains another Eggan, who attacks similarly to the Omelet fight. The largest of these eggs is found a short distance from the entrance to the Nature Maze, acting as a minor shortcut through Skull Plains.


  • After the Eggan becomes a citizen of Alpoko, at night, he will tell Corobo a story about the Eggan Civilization. Curiously, he speaks of a "Golden Egg" and a letter from Omelet, which refer to unused content that can still be found in the game's files.
  • Despite their special skill, Eggans are unable to break the eggs laid during the second phase of the Jumbo Champloon fight.
  • The Eggans are moved to the Nature Maze in New Little King's Story, but retain their dialogue from before the Omelet fight in Little King's Story. This includes two spelling errors present in the original game, which have not been fixed.


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