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Eggans are the former subjects of the Worrywart Kingdom. They have egg shells for hats and wield large spoons.

Worrywart Kingdom

Eggans used to live in the Worrywart Kingdom (now the Eggan Civilization Ruins, after you beat the king). Before fighting King Omelet, they ask questions similar to the beginning cinema. During the battle with Omelet, they will surround the egg and will attack you if you get too close. When using an Eggan to break hard boiled eggs after obtaining one as an immigrant, you may find an Eggan who still attacks you. When talking to one in Alpoko, they wonder if they should say hi to Corobo when he talks to them.



The Eggan found in Alpoko

After defeating Omelet, an Eggan will move to Alpoko. They can be used to destroy hard boiled eggs found around the Eggan Civilization Ruins.



  • After the Eggan becomes a citizen of Alpoko, he will tell you a story about the Eggan civilization if you talk to him at night.