Eggan Civilization Ruins Icon
Eggan Civilization Ruins
Eggan Civilization Ruins Icon
Eggan Civilization Ruins
Eggan Civilization Ruins
Kingdom Worrywart Kingdom
Characteristics Eggshells

The Eggan Civilization Ruins is the center of the Worrywart Kingdom, and the fourteenth Wonder Spot. This where Corobo fought King Omelet. It is the home of the Eggans and houses King Omelet's giant egg. After the war, the area is ravished, and is turned into a history site for people to visit.


The Eggan Ruins are located within a brightly lit glade, found at the end of the Worrying Labyrinth in the west. At the center is the Giant Egg, and at the corners are four circular spots for quiz answers to appear. A cannon can be seen atop a wooden platform among the treer. The area is relatively tidy on the first visit, but after the battle between Corobo and Omelet, broken eggshells line the ground.

Upon Corobo's return visit to the area, several eggs will be sitting within the four corner spots, one of which contains an Art piece. A Wonder Spot for the area can be found at the foot of the egg. If Corobo has also conquered the Small Lot, then a gate in the east will lead to Miner's Town.



Names in other languages 

Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴン文明跡

Tamagon bunmei ato

Eggan Civilisation Ruins
French Ruines Euphoplat Eggan Ruins
Italian Resti della cultura tamagon Remains of the Eggan Culture
German Eierkultstätte Eggan Worship Site
Spanish Ruinas de la civilización huevona

Cerro de las Patatas

Eggan Civilisation Ruins

Hill of Potatoes


  • A bug can randomly occur here where citizens can be found wandering around as if they were within Alpoko, before walking through a wall and beyond.


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