Farmland Kingdom Plan Image
Kingdom Alpoko
Locations Lumberjack Hut
Riverside Cabin
Floral Florist
Moon Harvest
Shopping Arcade

Farmland is a region in Alpoko, and is the Third District in Alpoko, obtained after you defeat the Onii Man.


The Farmland is originally, part of the Onii Kingdom. Being inhabited mostly by Onii, but after you defeat the Onii Man in the Onii Grounds. The area becomes a part of your kingdom. The Farmland is south of Castle Town, east of Stone City, and features an exits to the Onii Grounds as well as Dark Valley after Onii King is defeated. As the name implies the Farmland is mostly consisted of by farms in which Hardworking Farmers can be trained from. The Farmland also feature two exclusive classes of citizens, the Savvy Merchant who can open the Giant Purses littered across the world, and the Buff Lumberjack who can cut down any type of Log. There is also the Floral Florist in which you send your citizens into to equip them with Flower Hats. Farm animals and bundles of bay litter the district as well.

Kingdom Plans

Name Cost Description
Lumberjack Hut 3,800,000 Bol You can train buff lumberjacks. Now you can demolish fallen trees!
Riverside Cabin 460,000 Bol A residence built in the boonies. You will gain 2 citizens!
Floral Florist 800,000 Bol The Kingdom Beautification Project suggests making a flowery kingdom!
Moon Harvest 1,210,000 Bol A ranch with cute and shiny animals. You will gain 4 citizens!
Shopping Arcade 19,999,000 Bol You can train savvy merchants. They can find hidden treasure!

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