Forests are small areas filled with UMA that are protected by Guardians. Once the respective Guardian is defeated by Corobo, a Forest will become part of Alpoko, transformed into a new town or city.

Some Forests do not include the word Forest in their name, and some locations that contain the word forest are not protected by a Guardian.

The music for these areas is shared with Sunflower Plains: a slow, sinister remix of Schubert's "Marche Militaire" with several sections shifted around and repeated.

List of Forest Areas

The Onii Grounds does not become a residential part of Alpoko after its Guardian's defeat.

Forest Guardian Becomes
Ruined Turnip Field


Turnip Forest


Cow Bones Southern Castle Town

Soup Church

Corobo's Forest


Meadow over the Bridge

Onii Grounds

Onii Man Farmland

Former Onii Grounds

Upchuck Forest Yvonne Grassland Town
Wavy Rock Forest Clockwork Knight Stone City
Owl Forest Owl Hag Gourmet Town
Torn Forest Ogre Ergo Soldier Town
Mushroom Forest Mush Bro Royal City
Shadow Forest Mush Geezer Magical Land
Red Turnip Forest Radeeze Glamour Town
Small Lot Blue Dragon Miner's Town
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