Francoise Hanataro
Francoise leaving the throne room
Sex Male
Home Alpoko Castle
Job Horticulturalist
Affiliation(s) Kingdom Flower Association

Francoise Hanataro is a minor character who first appears after around five kings have been defeated. He is a horticulturalist, sent as a representative of the Kingdom Flower Association to meet King Corobo, and is then added to the Kingdom Plan as a Flower Appointee.

When purchased, Francoise will stand in the lobby of the Castle. Talking to Francoise allows Corobo to customise the colors of flowers across Alpoko: red, blue, white, a mixture, or prismatic. Upon making a selection, Francoise will perform a dance, and his magical powers will somehow change all the flowers in the Kingdom instantly.



  • Francoise's hat is similar to the ones that citizens can wear after entering a Florist. This is despite apparently coming from a separate organisation, further suggesting the two are related in some way.
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