Giant Zoeter
Giant Zoeter
Giant Zoeter
Life 200
Location West Ripe Kingdom
UMA Book Description Turns children's dreams into nightmares.

The Giant Zoeter is a sub boss and a giant kabuto beetle that guards a piece of the amazing flying machine in the Ripe Kingdom. Seeing that it is called a "Giant" Zoeter maybe there are a normal Zoeter type as well but it doesn't make an appearance.


The Giant Zoeter is a large kabutomushi (Japanese horned beetle), its eyes glow red and have a strobe effect when moving. When standing it is as tall as a Marble Dragon.


To start the fight have an Animal Hunter shoot the beetle to wake it up. It will fly around the area, throw a Soldier to knock it down and flip it over. Throw more soldiers and recall them when it flips right side up. When it charges move out of the way to avoid.