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Giga Carpenter
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Giga Carpenter
Cost to train 1500,000 Bol
Skills Building Elevators
"Giga Carpenters are meisters. They can build large bridges out of steel or even elevators without breaking a sweat. They're almost super human, so they build really super-fast. They're expensive, so think hard before getting one. That's all I have to say about them."
— Liam

Giga Carpenters are a class of Jobs in Little King's Story. Giga Carpenters appear in Miner's Town. They are cyborgs, with their enlarged brain exposed in a glass jar on their head.


Giga Carpenters can initiate construction to reach new areas or place Jump Cannons, and are tied for the fastest builders with the Craftian. Once the main scaffolding is ready, any jobs that can dig are able to aid construction, but Soldiers will damage the project. They are average at breaking obstacles and combat.


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