Ginger Medal
Ginger Medal
Ginger Guidebook Artwork
Official Artwork of Ginger
Sex Male
Home Royal Forest
Job Artist

Ginger Kyde (ジャー・ジンジャー, Jā jinjā) is a traveling artist that appears some time after Corobo beats the Onii King.

During his introduction, Ginger breaks the fourth wall by apologizing to the player about losing the Art pieces. He asks Corobo to help him find all 100 pieces, exchanging weapons and armor for found art. Once an art piece is found, it can be viewed in the King's Art Exhibit. He and the exhibit are located in Corobo's Forest.

Once Corobo finds 50 pieces, Ginger will ask Corobo to catch the winning piece which turned into a UMA.

The Art pieces vary depending which regional version of the game is played, and are based on entries from a competition held before the game's release.


In the English version, "Kyde" is a possible reference to a colloquial term for banana bread.

Names in other languages

Name Meaning
Japanese ジャー・ジンジャー

Jā jinjā

Ginger Jar

In Japanese version, "Jar" is a reference to a container that holds ginger spices.


  • If the player were to use glitches or cheats to enter Corobo's Forest while making the game think they are still within the Kingdom, attempting to hire Ginger will make him say: "I'm sorry. I can't leave this place just yet." This is despite there being no situation during intended gameplay where this interaction would be possible.


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