Little King's Story features several notable Glitches, some of which have been discovered and utilised by the speedrunning community, most notably speedrunner Chie495.

Wii Version

Super Sceptre Glitch [1]

When performing a Sceptre attack, the player cannot bring up the sub-menu until it is over. However, the player can press the C button and +/- button simultaneously to bring up the sub-menu while Corobo begins to perform the attack. If the Map is opened while Corobo is attacking (i.e. while the stars are flying out of the sceptre), the sceptre attack does significantly more damage upon closing the map again. This is enough damage to one-shot some enemies, although results vary depending on timing. as it is effectively two consecutive frame perfect inputs.

Wall-Clip Glitches

Sometimes an obstacle is close enough to a wall to allow Corobo to be pushed through the wall by walking between the wall's surface and the object at the right angle. Examples include the log containing an Art piece in Corobo's Forest, and the bushes to the east of the entrance to Sunflower Plains. Some of these clips are more difficult than others, depending on the proximity between the obstacle and the wall.

When a Hardworking Farmer unearths a Hot Spring, if Corobo is positioned correctly then the Hot Spring will push him through the wall as it rises from the ground. Similarly, some stairs will push Corobo through nearby walls this way. [2]

During a Sceptre attack, Corobo loses all collision and cannot move. Using a sceptre attack in mid-air will cause him to float momentarily. If performed while next to a wall and pushed by an extraneous force, such as a Fan Onii, then Corobo will move straight through the wall. [3]

If Corobo wall clips behind a giant tree stump, he can often escape by clipping between the back of the stump and the neighboring wall.

When triggering an in-game event, Corobo loses collision for a single frame. While often incredibly precise, the following events are confirmed to be useful for wall-clipping:

Using Liam's tutorial to wall-clip allows Corobo to defeat the Onii Man before unlocking Hardworking Farmers or Grunt Soldiers, progressing the story forward significantly.

Hitbox Overlap Glitches [4]

Attacks from citizens have hitboxes which may hit objects other than the one they are targeted onto. If a citizen other than a Savvy Merchant is attacking the Fan Onii near the Purse in New Island, they can sometimes perform a hitbox overlap and damage the Purse.

If a Mountie targets a Crab Onii from the other side of the trash on New Island, the explosion from the Eruption ability can reach and therefore damage the building blocks and construct the dragon statue. This allows the player to get a Wonder Spot and an Art piece early.

Fall Damage Glitch

If a Soldier is clinging onto an enemy on the ground, Corobo is on a hill, and then Corobo retreats his citizens, the Soldier can sometimes take fall damage as if falling from a high ledge when they let go of the enemy.

Artwork Glitches [5]

Opening the Map or dying while collecting Art pieces can have varying effects, from crashes to incorrect HUD displays.

Spoils Duplication Glitch [6]

For some holes and obstacles, Corobo can walk just enough distance away that the hole or obstacle respawns but the spoil does not disappear. While very precise, this can create duplicates of the treasure, causing Corobo to have Bol that he would not have normally. Using this, Corobo can buy both the Farmhouse and the Guard Hut on the same day, which advances some story flags early and skips certain occurrences on the second day. This glitch can also cause several different softlocks.

Chocolate Spoils Bug

After Shishkebaboo's battle, many sweets and chocolate spoils fall from the sky. However, even if the player collects all of these spoils, returning to this area will always reveal that they have somehow missed one. This is because one of the spoils seems to have been programmed to spawn at the wrong flag, causing it to appear after Spumoni is saved and not after Shishkebaboo is defeated like the rest of the chocolate spoils.

Impossible 100% Bugs

In the NTSC release, it has been reported that saving after the credits are over will cause a bug where Savvy Merchants no longer yield items when talked to. This makes Ferne's Jewel Book quest impossible after this point, as well as losing the ability to collect the Toy Axe, Casual Clothes, Clothesline, and the Legendary Sword. This makes a 100% Tyrant Mode file impossible to achieve.

If the Onii Bride emerges from the hole with the Omegaphone, and the Omegaphone is collected, and then the player leaves the area, the Onii Bride will not respawn, making the Legendary Bow impossible to collect.

Hovering Citizen Glitch - Building 

If citizens are commanded forwards at the edge of some bridges while being built, they will walk above the water for a moment, before returning back to Corobo.

Tiptoe Sign Wander Glitch

Accepting the God Mountain quest and standing on the fallen sign, facing the Hot Spring at a certain angle and commanding citizens forwards will cause some to bump the edge of the sign in a strange way and become desynchronised from Corobo. The citizen will start wandering aimlessly around until the Retreat command is inputted, which will cause them to rejoin the Royal Guard.

Citizens Outside Alpoko Glitch

On some borders between Alpoko and a different kingdom, if the player were to command a citizen in such a way that they get stuck, such as in the Eggan Ruins, then enter Alpoko and dismiss their Royal Guard, the citizens will be idle outside Alpoko's borders and become confused. This will cause strange behaviour, such as walking through walls and over water. Some citizens will find a way back to Alpoko, while others will wander aimlessly away from Alpoko until they eventually fall off the playable map.

Sometimes citizens will naturally spawn in the Eggan Ruins at seemingly random as if they were in Alpoko.

Confused Citizen Glitch

When constructing the Jump Cannon in New Island Park, during the first phase of construction, if a Carpenter moves onto Jumbo's pile while building, they may become desynchronised from the construction and cause a range of effects:

  • During the second phase of construction, the Carpenter can jump onto the scaffolding but miss by a longshot, sometimes hitting the floor and hammering it instead, while sliding backwards and clipping through all solid walls.
  • After construction is complete, the Carpenter can display speech boxes above their head and speak words, as if they were an idle citizen. Occasionally the Carpenter can stop and walk in place as if they were within the Kingdom's borders.
  • Digging will make the Carpenter slide all over the place while leaning far backwards.
  • Commanding a Carpenter forward can sometimes make the Carpenter walk on the ocean, or fall under it completely, before reappearing back in the Royal Guard later.

These effects and similar ones can also sometimes occur with other members of Corobo's Royal Guard at seemingly random, and occasionally when leaving the Castle. The causation is unknown.

Super Carpenter Glitch [7]

For some reason, if a Carpenter is building on the rim of the loading zone around Corobo (the very edge of the upper-right radar, just before the unload zone) then they will build much faster. This is a very precise exploit, as walking too far away will stop the construction, and the Carpenter will return to Corobo.

Shishkebaboo Child-Freeze Glitch

If King Shishkebaboo hits a Carefree Child during his fight, then the Child will freeze in place, completely invincible. Shishkebaboo will still bounce off the Child upon impact, but the Child will not take any damage. This effect will be reset after any cutscene event during the fight, such as Shishkebaboo eating food or rolling across the mountain at the back of the arena.

Radeeze Discoloring Glitch

If a citizen is wearing a Pancho Poncho and is hit by one of the Guardian Radeeze's Turnip-fy attacks, they will not properly die and instead sit on the spot. When the citizen is next seen, they will have darker clothes and green skin. This effect wears off after a day.

Crashed UFO Event Glitch

Triggering other events on the same frame as activating a Crashed UFO will activate both events at once, with varying results. One of the most useful effects from this is activating a Jump Cannon, which will allow Corobo to walk around outside the cannon with its menu still open, effectively allowing the player to warp to any other cannon at any point.

This can also allow Corobo to enter timed events, such as the N1c3 K1ngd0m battle, and leave using the carried Jump Cannon menu while the timer still counts down. When the timer runs out, any other active events will be cancelled. For example, if Corobo enters King Duvroc's arena and activates the cutscene-event as the N1c3 K1ngd0m quest's timer ends, it will cancel the event and stop the fight from beginning. This will also put him in Defense Formation (due to the event's animation) even if he has not purchased it yet.

Final Wonder Spot Cancel Glitch

Usually, when Corobo finishes reading the final Wonder Spot sign in the Valley of Memories, he receives a in-game cutscene with Princess Apricot. However, if he is attacked by an enemy while still reading the sign, it will cancel him from reading the sign and will not trigger the cutscene afterwards. However, this will still award him the final Wonder Spot in the Wonder Spot Book, yet the quest will still be recorded as unfinished.

Time Freeze Glitch [8]

Opening the map during an Earthquake event, such as the one at the entrance to New Island, can cause time to freeze. This includes the HUD clock, citizens, UMA, obstacles, and so forth.

Out of Bounds Glitch - King Omelet Fight [9]

During the punishment phase of the King Omelet fight, after getting a question wrong and standing near the east or west of the arena, the opposite side's barrier which blocks the player from leaving the arena will mysteriously vanish. Leaving the arena reveals that many of the surrounding objects are unloaded during the fight, and the terrain rendering is locked to the arena. This means that walking far enough away will lead the player to parts of the map with structures such as bridges missing, and eventually the ground will end, revealing a void underneath. Walking around in this void can lead to unloaded versions of other areas, and sometimes Corobo can fall underneath the map itself, walking on an invisible plain. Certain events can still trigger and return the loading to normal while in this state.

Using this glitch and entering several areas outside of the arena, the player can advance the event tracker in Omelet's fight and effectively skip the battle entirely, as well as saving Shizuka [10]

Out of Bounds Glitch - Yvonne Fight

If the player defeats the Owl Hag before defeating Yvonne, then they may construct a bridge to the Upchuck Forest from Gourmet Town. If the player leaves the Yvonne fight over this bridge, then a "Run Away!" will not register, leading to an effect similar to the previous Omelet Glitch. Effects can include Howser floating a significant distance above the ground and the Broadcasters in the Primetime Kingdom being loaded beneath the invisible ground.

Corruption Glitch [11]

Using the Out of Bounds Glitch can cause the game to completely corrupt.


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