God Food Stores
Flying Machine Part Location (Cooling Fridge)
The hint for the location of the Flying Machine part
Unlocked After defeating three kings
Difficulty StarStarStarStarNoStar

"A piece of paper fell to the Forest Cafeteria! It looks like a treasure map. Anyone up for a treasure hunt?"
- Sweet Tooth Boyz
God Food Stores is the third of seven God Quests that lead Corobo to a Flying Machine part.


After accepting this quest, a construction sign will appear in the west of the Ripe Kingdom, now called the Forest Cafeteria. This will allow Corobo to build stairs to a clifftop area, at the end of which is a tree stump only destroyable by Lumberjacks. Attacking this tree stump will irritate the Giant Zoeter stood on top of it, a powerful unique UMA. Defeating this UMA will yield the Legendary Staff.

Behind this tree stump is the hole containing the Flying Machine part: The Cooling Fridge. This is used to prevent the Flying Machine from overheating.

Other Quests

The following items are only available by accepting this quest:

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