God Forecast
Flying Machine Part Location (Propeller)
The hint for the location of the Flying Machine part
Unlocked After defeating King Jumbo Champloon
Difficulty StarStarStarNoStarNoStar
"This fell from the sky while I was walking on the beach. Isn't this about New Island? You should send a team to check it out."
— Beachcomber Jan

God Forecast is the last of seven God Quests that lead Corobo to a Flying Machine part.


After accepting this quest, God will tell Corobo the words:

"God Earthquake Forecast. One shake, it'll rumble. Two shakes, it'll tremble. A thousand shakes and the ground will crumble."
When Corobo enters New Island Park in southern New Island, an earthquake will strike. Atop Jumbo Champloon's remains, the Huge Propeller will now be loose, allowing Corobo to collect it. The Propeller is used as a rotating blade to lift the Flying Machine into the sky like a helicopter.

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