God Mountain
Flying Machine Part Location (My Beard)
A hint for the location of the Flying Machine part
Unlocked After defeating King Long Sauvage
Difficulty StarStarStarStarNoStar
"Yet another document from the heavens. This time it fell to Sobamanjaro. Why don't you get one of your Royal Guard to check it out?
*Oh look, someone's balding.
— St. Helen Pike (99)

God Mountain is the sixth of seven God Quests that lead Corobo to a Flying Machine part.


After accepting this quest, the hiker billboard next to Sobamanjaro will topple over. This will open up the "Sobamanjaro Forest", a region in the west of the Tiptoe Kingdom area. The path will lead along a river to an Art piece lying behind some mushrooms. Next to that is a set of stone stairs leading to a line of mushrooms that block off a basin-shaped field. Beyond this basin is the only Mush Geezer appearing as a regular UMA and not a Guardian.

Defeating this Geezer will open up the way to a coastline with a hole containing the Flying Machine part: My Beard. This is the strongest extract of Long Sauvage's beard, and is used as a series of wires and cords to build the Flying Machine.

Other Quests

The following items are only available by accepting this quest:

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