God TV
Flying Machine Part Location (Natural HD Television)
The hint for the location of the Flying Machine part
Unlocked After defeating King TV Dinnah
Difficulty StarStarStarNoStarNoStar
"I found a piece of paper while exploring the Skull Plains. It looks like a treasure map. Anyone up for a treasure hunt?"
— Daytime Soap Opera

God TV is the fifth of seven God Quests that lead Corobo to a Flying Machine part.


After accepting this quest, the Public Broadcast Tower's screen will begin to glow. Examining it will absorb Corobo and his Royal Guard, similar to the entrance to the Primetime Kingdom, taking them to an island in the Screw-Loose Isles that Corobo has not been to before. This island contains a hole with the Natural HDTV, and cannot be revisited later. The HDTV is used as a two-way communications device on the Flying Machine, but rather ironically sits on the outside of the Machine itself upon completion.

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