Flying Machine Part Location (Dimond Egg Shell)
The hint for the location of the Flying Machine part
Unlocked After defeating King Omelet
Difficulty StarStarStarNoStarNoStar

"A piece of paper that fell to the Eggan Civilisation Ruins! It looks like a treasure map. Anyone up for a treasure hunt in the dead of night?"- UFO Researcher
God UFO is the fourth of seven God Quests that lead Corobo to a Flying Machine part.


After accepting this quest, Shizuka will be found on the bridge overlooking Alpoko RIver after 8pm. She will talk about the purpose of the Diamond Egg, but will refuse to give it to Corobo as it has not hatched yet. Corobo must visit her in the same place on three nights, and on the third night, the Diamond Egg will have hatched, and Shizuka will give Corobo the remaining fragments of the Diamond Eggshell. The Eggshell is used as armored plating on the Flying Machine, as it is stronger than steel, but weighs very little.


  • Unused assets suggest that during development this quest was very different. It originally involved the dog digging up a "Golden Egg" in the Worrywart Kingdom.
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