Gourmet Town
Gourmet Town
Gourmet Town Kingdom Plan Image
Kingdom Alpoko
Locations Culinary Academy
Fruit Farm Village
Gourmet Residence

Gourmet Town is a region in Alpoko. It is mainly considered as the culinary district. It was previously Owl Forest.


Gourmet Town is decorated like a marketplace, with banners and colourful fences decorating the town, and trees bearing ripe fruit. Gourmet Town is also one of two regions with academies for training Gourmet Cooks, the other being Royal City.

Behind the main buildings is an alley area, where a bridge may be built to Grassland Town. In the corner is a bin containing the Bin Bow weapon, and a Kingstone Jewel.



  • A glitch exists if this area is conquered before the Upchuck Forest. Constructing the bridge to the other side, entering the fight with Yvonne, and leaving over the bridge will not properly trigger a "Run away!" This makes the game think the fight is still continuing and fails to load terrain past a certain distance. It is possible for the player to explore a 'void' version of the world with no terrain and explore out of bounds. A similar glitch exists in the King Omelet fight.
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