Grassland Town
Grassland Town
Grassland Town Kingdom Plan Image
Kingdom Alpoko
Locations Hunter Hut
Southern Village
Northern Village

Grassland Town is a region in Alpoko, and is the Second District that is obtained, after defeating Yvonne.


Grassland Town is obtained, by Corobo after the defeat of the Guardian of Upchuck Forest, the Giant Frog Yvonne. Grassland Town is what you would expect it to be it is a Small Village, located on Grassland. Grassland Town is located West of Castle Town, South of Royal City and North of Gourmet Town (after building a bridge). It features two villages: the Southern Village and the Northern Village. The main feature of Grassland Town is the Hunter's Hut which can be used to make the Animal Hunter class of citizen which is exclusive to Grassland Town, and is the only citizen who can deal ranged damage to UMA, which is vital.

Kingdom Plans

Hunter's Hut Region: Grassland Town Cost: 4500000 Bol You can train Animal Hunters. Attack enemies from afar!

Southern Village Region: Grassland Town Cost: 1600000 Bol Build a village in the south. You will gain 6 citizens!

Northern Village Region: Grassland town Cost: 970000 Bol Build a village to the north. You will gain 4 citizens

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