Cow Bones, the first Guardian encountered by Corobo

A Guardian is a strong UMA that guards a Forest, which will only appear when King Corobo accepts a corresponding quest from his Suggestion Box. When defeated by Corobo, the Guardian's Forest becomes a new town or city in the Kingdom of Alpoko. Most Guardians are larger, more powerful versions of regular UMA; however, the Owl Hag, Ogre Ergo and Blue Dragon only appear as Guardians.

If Corobo leaves the arena when fighting a Guardian, then the fight will end, displaying the message "Run Away!" and upon returning to the fight, the Guardian will have its health restored.

The Guardian Battle theme is a percussion-heavy rendition of Rossini's "William Tell - Overture", with a slightly reduced tempo.


New Little King's Story

In the reimagining, Guardians make a reappearance, now known as Sub-monsters which fulfil the same role.

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