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Hardened Soldier
Hardened Soldier Icon
Hardened Soldier Info
Hardened Soldier
Cost to train 1000,000 Bol
Skills Attacking UMA
Blocking Attacks
Special Attacks
"These are hardened veterans. They sometimes unleash devastating special attacks. They can occasionally block enemy attacks. They fight bravely, no matter what the odds may be. Compared to the grunts, they can fight much longer. But like the grunts, all they know is fighting and violence. That is all I have to say about them."
— Liam

Hardened Soldiers are a class of Jobs in Little King's Story, which appear in Soldier Town.


Hardened Soldiers, much like Grunt Soldiers are unable to dig, and break construction instead of aiding it. They are especially slow at breaking obstacles. The main strength of a Hardened Soldier is their ability to fight UMA. They are among fastest fighters, and have the ability to cling onto UMA for extra damage, granted there is enough room. Furthermore, Hardened Soldiers are less likely to give up fighting a UMA than a Grunt.

They have two additional abilities in battle. Firstly, when a Hardened Soldier is attacked retreating, they will occasionally pull out its shield and protect themselves and surrounding citizens from the attack. Secondly, after fighting an enemy for enough time, they will perform a special attack which does additional damage and can dodge some enemy attacks.


Hardened Soldier

A Hardened Soldier

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