Henteko is the name of the gibberish language spoken across Little King's Story, as well as other Love-de-Lic Legacy games. It is voice acted by friends of director and producer Yoshiro Kimura from around the globe, both inside and outside the gaming industry. "Henteko" comes from the Japanese word for "odd" and is coined in the credits.

Origins of Henteko

Different characters speak excerpts from different languages to create their Henteko Speech patterns and words. Uncertainty of a language of origin will be denoted by an asterisk *

Language(s) Explanation
Corobo English Corobo doesn't speak Henteko, but does speak fully in English in the game's opening.
Howser English, Japanese Howser's Voice Actor is shown speaking fully in English in a trailer, and Howser has a RP British accent. There are a few times when Howser says English words and phrases, most notably "King!" and "Yes sir!"

Howser also uses some Japanese in his dialogue. During the "The World is Huger" cutscene, Howser uses Japanese counters such as ひとり hitori, ふたり futari.

Pancho Moos Pancho speaks in a series of stock sound effects of onomatopoeias from the Bos taurus species.
Apricot English* Some of Apricot's vocal sounds such as sighs and giggles come directly from a trailer where she speaks English, but her in-game voice sounds much closer to an extreme RP British accent than her trailer, which sounds more American.

Some unused Apricot Henteko also includes completely English words, such as "Mm hm, right."

When her Henteko is reversed, the words "Rule of Rose" can potentially be heard, which would be a reference to another game developed by Yoshiro Kimura.

Bouquet Bouquet's Henteko appears to be modified from the character of Charcoal from the game Chulip, also directed by Yoshiro Kimura and also featuring a Henteko voice cast.
Shizuka English Shizuka's Henteko clearly says words in English, using a Southern British accent. She says "it's a profile, but...", "in the acts he could...", "promotes" and "he could, in fact..."
Kokomo Pine
Skinny Ray
Mr. M Mr. M appears to have a strong Caribbean accent.
Ginger Kyde
Various Citizens The citizens of Alpoko speak in many different languages.
Giga Carpenter (Male) Chinese The Giga Carpenter speaks in Chinese with a distinctly Taiwanese dialect and accent:

你干嘛?我要受不了了!(nî gàn má? Wô yào shòu bù liâo le!) = "What’s with you? I can’t take it anymore!"

我累得去死; 真的崩溃 (wô lèi dé qù sî; zhēn de bēng kùi) = "I’m so tired I could die; I’m about to break down."

我很担心哦 (wô hên dān xīn o) = "I'm really worried"

Giga Carpenter (Female)
Steel Knight
Mountie Dutch*
Craftian N/A The Craftians appear to speak in a non-specific babble.
Onii King N/A The Onii King's dialogue is constructed of words ending in "-nii", such as "canii", "moenii" and "honii", some of which resemble real English words such as canny, money and honey. However, this is likely unintended.
Duvroc Japanese Duvroc has an Eastern European accent, but his Henteko is a mix of somewhat relevant Japanese words and phrases. For example, when Duvroc's dialogue says "Cheers!", he says 乾杯 Kanpai, which is the Japanese word for "cheers". Duvroc also uses the words 油 abura meaning "spirit" (alcohol) and あっぱれ appare meaning "magnificent".
Shishkebaboo French Shishkebaboo's dialogue contains real French words such as "Bonjour", "Merci", "Tres bien" and "Comment allez vous", and his Henteko voice pronounces these all accurately. These translate as "Hello", "Thank you", "Well done", and "How are you?", likely to perpetuate the character as a French stereotype. This is also unchanged in the French version. The rest of his Henteko is spoken in a French accent with a lisp.
Omelet Spanish Omelet says the Spanish words and terms "subterránea", "cellular", "estar", "tren en movimiento", "desconectar", "paisajes" and "aunque la conexión". It appears that Omelet's Henteko is constructed of a spliced recording of a person talking about being on an underground train, and therefore their phone is disconnecting.
TV Dinnah TV Dinnah's introduction cutscene features English speakers saying their lines.
Long Sauvage Russian
Jumbo Champloon Japanese Jumbo Champion says the Japanese equivalents of all of the gibberish words from his dialogue.

算数 sansū = "Arithmetic"

バスケ basuke = "Basketball"

風呂掃除 furo sōji (bath cleaning) = "Bathroom"

シャーペン shāpen (mechanical pencil) = "Pencil"

ピーマン pīman = "Bell peppers"

ハンバーガー hanbāgā = "Hamburger"

腹ペコ harapeko = "Hungry"

Names in Henteko

Within the Henteko Speech, several characters appear to have consistent pronunciations of their names. These pronunciations are based on the Japanese versions of character names and do not change between regions.

King King
Alpoko Alpoko
Onii King Onii King
Duvroc Doba-rocku
Shishkebaboo Sheeshee-kapapoo
Long Sauvage Long voo-sarge
Jumbo Champloon Jumbo Champloon


The following staff members are credited as Henteko Voice Actors in the end credits:

  • Brad Holmes
  • Rika Ishibashi
  • Yoji Sato
  • Benjamin Perry
  • Minako Kobayashi
  • Solome World
  • Jui-Lien Hung
  • Momiji
  • Mekdelawit Nemoto
  • Karim Hanan
  • Mariko Iino
  • James Kay
  • Dehee Joung
  • Cornelius E. Gajentaan
  • Louis Lamarre
  • Eduardo Rico
  • Pasha
  • Ivan Gavrenko

The following staff members also appeared in a live action form during TV Dinnah's opening cutscene:

  • Ludovic Touitou
  • Aurelia Destobbeleer
  • Louis Lemarre
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