Jumbo Champloon
Jumbo Champloon
In-game painting of Champloon
Sex Male
Ruler of New Island
Subjects Craftians
Abilities Garbagekinesis
Captured Princess Princess Martel
"Arithmetic... Basketball! Bathroom... Pencil! Bell Pepper... Hamburger! Jumbo Champloon!"
— Jumbo Champloon

King Jumbo Champloon (ジャンボチャンプル, Janbochanpurun) is the king of New Island, and one of the last four kings fought by Corobo. Jumbo Champloon is the largest character in Little King's Story, and the first being created by God. He speaks in gibberish and is completely made of trash.


Jumbo Champloon appears to be made of some sort of eraser material, with various pieces of trash sticking out of it. His head is held on by a stake, with buttons for eyes and cardboard for both his mouth and crown. He wears a bell on his chest, safety pins on his torso, and a rubber band hanging from his shoulder around his waist. His left arm is comprised of a nail attached to a stick magnet, and his right arm is a green HB pencil. During some phases of his fight, a purple pencil sprouts from his shoulder as well. His lower half appears to be tucked into a tartan cushion, with a wheel on his right side and a nail on his left. On his back is a mounted Propeller, which later becomes a key part of the Flying Machine quest. Finally, the vase containing Princess Martel is stuck to the left of his torso. During his fight, various pieces of Champloon fall off, and are replaced with new pieces, changing not only his look but also his abilities.

The trash pile in which Champloon resides can first be seen through the Watchtower, with the Propeller on top.

Champloon is first mentioned by name by Howser, who writes the king off as speaking in nonsense poetry and being unfit for king. Some citizens seem to believe that New Island does not contain a king. Upon entering New Island, Pancho delivers a Testimonial to Corobo from Champloon that appears to be gibberish, but when translated roughly says:

Little King Genius, Little King Lucky. I hate adults, I hate Invaders, I hate wars. Yes to love, no to wars.
Much like most of the Kings' letters, it appears to be friendly and inviting at first. This is despite Corobo being insulted by the Craftians on New Island.

Giant Propeller

Champloon's Propeller

However, upon reaching the southernmost part of New Island, Champloon emerges from a pile of trash to reveal his full size, thus beginning his fight against Corobo. Upon defeat, he collapses into a pile of trash, with the Propeller landing perfectly on top. This comedically mirrors how he appeared at the start of the battle, coming full circle.

Jumbo Champloon's remains are seen crumbling during the Huge Earthquake cutscene.

Visiting Champloon's remains allows Corobo to inspect the Propeller, which makes it spin, blowing Corobo down the pile, landing at the bottom. If this is done during the God Forecast quest, then Corobo can collect the Propeller as the final Flying Machine part. The Propeller is then clearly visible atop the Flying Machine upon completion.

Uncle Tin and several citizens reveal that Jumbo Champloon was the first being created by God. However, God went to the bathroom and forgot about New Island, leaving Champloon incomplete.

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Towards the end of the game, just before reaching the World of God, Jumbo Champloon can be seen as a cardboard cutout hanging from the sky. Some of his crayons are flying around in the background, and collide into parts of the sky.

Champloon's chicken head from the second stage of his fight appears in the World of God.

During the credits, Shizuka appears to be praying to a small shrine that resembles Champloon.

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King Battle

Jumbo Champloon 2

Jumbo Champloon is fought in the New Island Park region.

Jumbo Champloon's battle is a standard fight, with the main gimmick revolving around his ability to change body parts and powers at different stages in the fight, and having a variety of attacks that can be countered with specific Job Classes.

Champloon stays stationary in the middle of the arena. To the southwest is a Hot Spring surrounded by pots with arrows for ammo. In the southmost part of the arena are three gates: during every stage of the fight, Onii will emerge from either the West, Central or East gate to heal Champloon with candy. The HUD bar will alert when this happens and specify which gate, so that Corobo can intercept the Onii before the candy reaches their king.

To the east is a slope made of LEGO-like building blocks, which Corobo may climb onto to avoid some ground-based attacks.

First Phase

Attack Effect Description
Twist Counterattack, Melee Champloon only performs this attack if enough citizens are attacking him and does not perform it at all if he is attacked by only a few, twists body around and then quickly back again, second twist hits around entire body and emits a shockwave at Champloon's base
Crayon missiles Projectile

Counter: Animal Hunter

Emerge from Champloon's back and surround him, dive-bomb and explode on citizens close to Champloon, if Animal Hunters are targeting Champloon they will aim for Crayons and destroy them in one hit

Pencil slam Projectile

Counter: Buff Lumberjack

Follows Corobo around and slams into the ground producing a shockwave, destroys itself after four uses, instantly destroyed by Buff Lumberjacks when on ground

Second Phase

After a third of Champloon's Life is depleted, his head falls off and Onii replace it with a crudely constructed chicken head made of cardboard. Champloon loses two previous attacks during this phase, and gains two more.

Attack Effect Description
Twist Counterattack, Melee Same as First Phase
Chicken laser Area-of-effect, Job Change Champloon performs this attack frequently without a trigger, charges up laser in mouth before firing a ground that releases a shockwave which does one damage

Second half of this attack moves the laser forwards across the floor from Champloon's base to the edge of the arena and beyond, citizens hit will take one damage and change Jobs permanently unless the fight is lost

Lays egg Summon

Counter: Gourmet Cook

Lays egg out of his base, cannot be destroyed by an Eggan, egg hatches into a Concodore which can be instantly killed by a Gourmet Cook, up to four Concodores can be on field at one time

Third Phase

After two-thirds of Champloon's Life are depleted, the chicken head will fall off, and Onii will carry cardboard armour to Champloon, as well as a new head with a long newspaper nose, sunglasses and a helmet. A lance also sprouts from his waist. Champloon loses two attacks from the previous phase, gains two more, and regains one attack from the first phase.

Attack Effect Description
Twist Counterattack, Melee Same as First and Second Phase
Pencil slam Projectile Same as First Phase
Spear ring Area-of-effect A ring of eight spears rises out of the ground four times, the first ring starts at the edges of the arena and each ring gets closer to Champloon with the fourth ring rising at Champloon's base, the spears rising is indicated by fumes coming from the ground before the spear stabs upwards
Onii roller Area-of-effect

Counter: Ripped Miner

Onii riding stone toilet-roll holders ride through the battlefield and explode on contact, four come from the east and four come from the west, easy to anticipate attack by watching the Onii appear on the radar on the top-right of the screen, rollers are instantly destroyed by Ripped Miners or if they come into contact with a Pencil stuck in the ground which will also destroy the Pencil

Effective Jobs

Soldier Due to Jumbo Champloon's size, many Soldiers can cling onto him to issue a lot of damage, which can also allow them to avoid certain ground-based attacks.
Animal Hunter Instantly destroys crayon projectiles during the First Phase and can damage Jumbo Champloon.
Buff Lumberjack Instantly destroys pencil slams during the First and Third Phases.
Gourmet Cook Insta-kills the Concodores in the Second Phase.
Ripped Miner Insta-kills the Oniis riding the toilet rolls in the Third Phase.
Brainy Doctor / Rainbow Wizard Can stun Onii carrying sweets to prevent healing.
Hardworking Farmer Hot Spring in the southwest of the arena.


Jumbo Champloon's battle theme is a glitch-hop remix of Offenbach's "Orpheus in the Underworld - Infernal Galop", more commonly known by its colloquial name "The Can-Can." It is possibly the most popular piece of music amongst Little King's Story's fans. His intro theme is a shortened version of the opening to Dvorak's "New World Symphony, 4th Movement", which includes electric guitars and elements of glitch-hop.


Jumbo Champloon's is named after Chanpurū, a Japanese stir fry, likely in reference to his chaotic and messy nature. Like Champloon himself, the meal originates from a set of islands, namely the Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. This is also referenced in the French version, where he is named after the meal Moussaka, another messy dish. The "Jumbo" is merely an adjective to describe his size, although it can also be used in cuisine to describe a larger variation on a meal.

Name in other languages

Name Meaning
Japanese ジャンボチャンプルン


Jumbo Champloon
French Moussaka Moussaka
Italian Jumbochamporun Jumbo Champloon
German Recycleking Recycleking
Spanish Jumbo Champloon Jumbo Champloon

The Italian version appears to be an incorrect romanisation of the original Japanese name for Jumbo Champloon.

The German version's name for Champloon appears to be a portmanteau of the English words "recycle"and "king," instead of using the German words "recyceln" and "könig."

In the Spanish version, Jumbo Champloon is sometimes referred to as Jumbo Champion or Gran Champion.

In the Japanese, German and Italian versions, Champloon often has a music note written after his name.


  • Some of Jumbo Champloon's dialogue cannot be translated, such as Pencil and Hungry.
  • For Jumbo Champloon's Henteko Speech, almost every gibberish word in his dialogue is said in Japanese. For example, Champloon says 算数 sansū for the word "Arithmetic".
  • Despite the fact he has specialized subjects, the Craftians, Champloon does not use them in battle.
  • In the Seven Deadly Sins theory, Champloon most likely represents Envy, as he and his Island are incomplete and still being built compared to all other Kingdoms.
  • Despite many jobs being specialised to deal with specific obstacles during this fight, such as Lumberjacks instantly destroying pencils, the Eggan has no effect on the eggs laid in the second phase.
  • Oddly, Champloon's magnet vanishes during some phases of his fight, despite being present in cutscenes.
  • Jumbo Champloon was shown to be much smaller in a trailer for the game, even shorter than Duvroc's beer crate tower, and able to move in a circle using his wheel. While it could have been planned for Champloon to be smaller in development, this may have simply been a red herring, as early concept art still depicts Champloon to be as large as he is in game.
  • The King Story Official Guidebook reveals that the developers made a real model of Jumbo Champloon out of bits and pieces for reference.
  • In Issue 185 of the Brawl in the Family webcomic series, "A Metroid Adventure", Real Fake Kraid takes on the appearance of Jumbo Champloon.


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