Kampbell Medal
Kampbell Medal
Kampbell Artwork
Artwork of Kampbell
Sex Male
Job Priest
Affiliation(s) Soup Church

Kampbell (コツトン, Kotsuton) is a priest who runs the Soup Church on behalf of the Sect. of Soup. Kampbell believes strongly in God, claiming that those who have sinned will be punished.


Kampbell is first encountered by King Corobo after he defeats Guardian Cow Bones, ridding the surrounding land of its UMA. After Cow Bones is defeated, he will ask the young king to build him a church, which can be used to marry citizens and obtain Carefree Children.

Kampbell has conflicting views with Skinny Ray over the reasons why the earthquakes are occurring. The priest believes that the Flying Machine will only cause more problems for the world .


Kampbell's name appears to be a reference to "Campbell's", a soup company. This makes sense, as he is a follower of the Sect of Soup.

Names in oter countries

Name Meaning Name of Church Meaning
Japanese コツトン


Kotsuton とんこつ


French Kotton Kotton L'eglise Tonkko The Tonkko Church
Italian Coston Coston Tempio di Tonkotsu Temple of Tonkotsu
German Kotsuton Kotsuton Ramen Kirche Ramen Church
Spanish Cinoto Cinoto Iglesia Ticono Bacon Church

In the Japanese, French and Spanish versions, Kampbell's name is an anagram of his religion.


  • During King Omelet's quiz, Kampbell appears as an answer to the final question. His ultimate question is "Do you follow the teachings of Kampbell? That is the question."
  • In New Little King's Story, Kampbell plays a more minor role in the story, appearing after the King first gains more land along with his niece who is a doctor. The two offer their services to the King, and take some of the treasure he earned fighting Cow Bones to build a hospital and church.


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