King's Art Exhibit
UMA Contest Announcement
Announcement for the UMA submission contest
Quest for Ginger Kyde
Unlocked After defeating the Onii King and sitting on the throne once

The King's Art Exhibit is the longest running sidequest in Little King's Story, where Corobo must return every lost painting to art collector Ginger Kyde in his Gallery de Ginger, which can be found in Corobo's Forest.

The art used for this quest was drawn and sent in during Little King's Story's development for a competition run by Marvelous. The winner's Art became an UMA battle, while another 99 became pictures Corobo needs to find scattered across The World. The Australian, European and Japanese releases use Art sent from Japanese fans, whereas the North American release uses art by fans from the USA and Canada.

Once 50 Art pieces have been returned, Ginger will send a letter to Corobo, titled Dealer's Confession, asking the King to meet with him in the forest. He explains that the competition winner's art has come to life and must be defeated, leading to a short mini-boss fight against Art piece No. 1 (see below). Once defeated, it will go on display outside the Art Exhibit on an easel.

The Art Exhibit may be visited manually by entering the forest, but may also be explored on the sub-menu, under the Inventory tab. Pressing A allows the player to view comments on each piece by the judges, explaining what they liked about the piece.


After collecting enough Art pieces to reach a threshold, Corobo will be rewarded with Weapons and Armor.

No. Reward
1 Exhibition opens
5 Toy Sword

Toy Spear

Toy Bow

10 Furry Kilt
15 Sterile Undies

Viper Sticker

Sterile Undies

20 Health Undies
25 Hand Cooler

Hand Cooler

Hand Cooler

40 Pancho Poncho
50 Dealer's Confession quest
55 Hand Warmer

Hand Warmer

Hand Warmer

70 Legendary Dress
85 Paperweight



100 Legendary Armor


Art Piece Locations Map

Map showing every Art piece location

No. Location
1 Corobo's Forest - Dealer's Confession
2 Red Turnip Forest / Glamour Town
3 Castle Town - Tax Collect
4 Melon Patch
5 Alpoko Castle
6 Worrywart Kingdom - Nature Maze
7 Grassland Town - Tax Collect
8 Primetime Kingdom
9 Skull Plains
10 Soldier Town - Tax Collect
11 Ripe Kingdom - Blue Tree
12 Farmland
13 Over-there-Beach
14 Dark Valley
15 Royal City
16 Stone City - Tax Collect
17 Mushroom Forest / Royal City
18 Corobo's Forest
19 Castle Town
20 Corobo's Forest - Night
21 Glamour Town - Night
22 Grassland Town - Night
23 Dark Valley - Valley of Memories
24 Gourmet Town - Night
25 Sunflower Plains
26 Kingdom of the Jolly
27 New Island
28 Royal City - Night
29 Farmland
30 Miner's Town
31 Near Bony Tunnel
32 Sunflower Plains
33 Bony Tunnel
34 Skull Plains - Skull Plains Lake
35 Kingdom of the Jolly
36 Ripe Kingdom
37 Castle Town
38 Stone City
39 Former Onii Grounds
40 Skull Plains - Matroyshka Rock
41 Sunflower Plains
42 Soldier Town - Night
43 Skull Plains
44 Dark Valley
45 Farmland
46 Skull Plains
47 Ripe Kingdom - Wide Pin Pinball
48 Farmland
49 Royal City
50 Skull Plains
51 Magical Land
52 Skull Plains
53 Corobo's Forest
54 Worrywart Kingdom - Eggan Civilization Ruins
55 Tiptoe Kingdom - Sobamanjaro
56 Dark Valley - Valley of Memories
57 Primetime Kingdom
58 Skull Plains - Skull Plains Lake
59 Tiptoe Kingdom - "Sobamanjaro Forest"
60 Skull Plains
61 Corobo's Forest
62 Skull Plains - Haunted Zone 2
63 Alpoko Castle
64 Sunflower Plains
65 Skull Plains
66 Farmland - Tax Collect
67 Ripe Kingdom - Forest Cafeteria
68 Near New Island
69 Magical Land
70 Kingdom of the Jolly
71 Glamour Town - Tax Collect
72 Tiptoe Kingdom - Hidden Hot Spring
73 Ripe Kingdom
74 Over-there-Beach
75 Sunflower Plains - Blue Tree
76 Skull Plains
77 Farmland
78 Tiptoe Kingdom - "Sobamanjaro Forest"
79 Skull Plains - Foot-Shaped Peninsula
80 Alpoko Castle
81 Primetime Kingdom - Public Broadcast Tower
82 Gourmet Town - Tax Collect
83 Near New Island
84 Dark Valley - Blue Tree
85 Miner's Town
86 Dark Valley
87 Castle Town - Night
88 Tiptoe Kingdom
89 Kingdom of the Jolly Royal Arbor
90 New Island - New Island Park
91 Castle Town - Blue Tree
92 Former Onii Grounds - Blue Tree
93 Skull Plains - Blue Tree
94 Tiptoe Kingdom - "Sobamanjaro Forest"
95 Gourmet Town - Tax Collect
96 New Island
97 New Island
98 Skull Plains - Twirling Valley
99 Melon Patch
100 Sunflower Plains


Corobo must accept the Dealer's Confession quest, available after collecting 50 pieces of Art.

The battle against the Art UMA will differ between the AU/EU/JP versions and the NA version, if only visually. In the former versions, the fight is based on "Swarm" by Kazuya Kamie, and in the latter version, it is based on "Evil Dragoon Cat" by Sephie Melton.

In the fight, the Art will take the form of a series of giant pieces of paper stood upright, resembling the winning art. If Corobo or a citizen attack any of these, they will take forced damage and the piece will fall over for a few seconds. If a piece of paper falls over, it will knock over any pieces of paper behind it like dominoes. The battle is also timed.

To win the fight, all pieces of paper must be knocked over at once, meaning they must be knocked over quickly in succession. Three pieces of paper are in the middle, a line of pieces of paper are wrapped around the edge of the forest, and a triangle of pieces of paper are at the back. Only 5 pieces of paper must be attacked within a few seconds of each other to win this fight.

Afterwards, the Art will appear on an easel next to the gallery, and Ginger will reward you with some spoils.


  • The Art collection quest is similar in execution to how Kisses work in Chulip, another of Yoshiro Kimura's games.
  • The spoils reward for the Dealer's Confession quest is called "LKS 4", the joke being that the reward is a copy of "Little King's Story 4". Incidentally, this fourth-wall break is thematic, as Ginger previously apologises to the player "playing Little King's Story" in his introductory cutscene, and the Art submissions came from real fans.
    • Ironically, Little King's Story never got a sequel, let alone a fourth entry in the series.
    • LKS 4 is worth 2100,000 in Bol, suggesting that it might take until the year 2100 to release a fourth Little King's Story game.

Art Pieces

All 100 North American submissions can be found on the Little King's Story website here.

Art Pieces No.01 - No.10

Evil Dragoon Cat JPN Art Gallery 001
Art Piece No.01 (USA)
"Evil Dragoon Cat" by Sephie Melton
Art Piece No.01 (JPN/PAL)
"Swarm" by Kazuya Kamie
USA Art Gallery 002 JPN Art Gallery 002
Art Piece No.02 (USA)
"Amariya" by Hector Salinas, Jr
Art Piece No.02 (JPN/PAL)
"Turniplepas" by Yohei Yamamoto
USA Art Gallery 003 JPN Art Gallery 003
Art Piece No.03 (USA)
"Amani-tan" by KL
Art Piece No.03 (JPN/PAL)
"Mokemoke" by Miho Ogata
USA Art Gallery 004 JPN Art Gallery 004
Art Piece No.04 (USA)
"Bruno" by Andrew Wiley
Art Piece No.04 (JPN/PAL)
"Gorilla Potato" by Aturah
USA Art Gallery 005 JPN Art Gallery 005
Art Piece No.05 (USA)
"Achbar" by Brittany Mora
Art Piece No.05 (JPN/PAL)
"Goatcrocken" by MEGA
USA Art Gallery 006 JPN Art Gallery 006
Art Piece No.06 (USA)
"Big Red" by Madeleine Rabil
Art Piece No.06 (JPN/PAL)
"Egg Prince" by UMA
USA Art Gallery 007 JPN Art Gallery 007
Art Piece No.07 (USA)
"Birdle" by Thomas E. Drusen
Art Piece No.07 (JPN/PAL)
"Come on the Board" by Missus Y
USA Art Gallery 008 JPN Art Gallery 008
Art Piece No.08 (USA)
"Blueberry Screams" by Kyle Rizla Doviken
Art Piece No.08 (JPN/PAL)
"Parrot Manager" by Achu
USA Art Gallery 009 JPN Art Gallery 009
Art Piece No.09 (USA)
"Gunther Gums" by Madeleine Rabil
Art Piece No.09 (JPN/PAL)
"Macho MOE" by Do
USA Art Gallery 010 JPN Art Gallery 010
Art Piece No.10 (USA)
"Bokoma" by Destiny Foster
Art Piece No.10 (JPN/PAL)
"Mashuraten" by Dororonpa

Art Pieces No.11 - No.20

USA Art Gallery 011 JPN Art Gallery 011
Art Piece No.11 (USA)
"Junk-heap" by Bennie Bramlett Jr.
Art Piece No.11 (JPN/PAL)
"Persiraffe" by Mechamegane
USA Art Gallery 012 JPN Art Gallery 012
Art Piece No.12 (USA)
"Bristle" by Arjay
Art Piece No.12 (JPN/PAL)
"Dirt Eater" by Yu->ki Sato
USA Art Gallery 013 JPN Art Gallery 013
Art Piece No.13 (USA)
"Bunny Knight Spirit" by Beth Melamed
Art Piece No.13 (JPN/PAL)
"Squidmone" by Ena Yurimi
USA Art Gallery 014 JPN Art Gallery 014
Art Piece No.14 (USA)
"Buruce" by Nils Houghton
Art Piece No.14 (JPN/PAL)
"Mush & Room" by Yoyo
USA Art Gallery 015 JPN Art Gallery 015
Art Piece No.15 (USA)
"Cacto-Ram" by Jamie McNeely
Art Piece No.15 (JPN/PAL)
"Phantom Berry" by Yoshitaka
USA Art Gallery 016 JPN Art Gallery 016
Art Piece No.16 (USA)
"Celestial" by Michael C Bonsteel
Art Piece No.16 (JPN/PAL)
"Bean Die" by Recycle General
USA Art Gallery 017 JPN Art Gallery 017
Art Piece No.17 (USA)
"Airhead" by Hannah Davis
Art Piece No.17 (JPN/PAL)
"Elf Hunter" by Retromania
USA Art Gallery 018 JPN Art Gallery 018
Art Piece No.18 (USA)
"Ciractus" by Chris Morrison
Art Piece No.18 (JPN/PAL)
"My Fairy" by TOKKO
USA Art Gallery 019 JPN Art Gallery 019
Art Piece No.19 (USA)
"Clucky Knight" by Broderick Poling
Art Piece No.19 (JPN/PAL)
"Building Block Castle" by TOKKO
USA Art Gallery 020 JPN Art Gallery 020
Art Piece No.20 (USA)
"Corn-fed" by Bennie Bramlett Jr.
Art Piece No.20 (JPN/PAL)
"Bath Tree" by Yamamoto Thunder
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