Kingdom of the Jolly
Kingdom of the Jolly Entrance
The entrance to the Kingdom of the Jolly
Ruler King Duvroc
Princess Princess Bouquet
Terrain Cherry Trees
Beer mats
Regions King's Natural Reserve
King's Natural Reserve Icon

The Kingdom of the Jolly (よいどれの国, Yoi dore no kuni), sometimes referred to as the Jolly Kingdom, is the second or third kingdom that Corobo explores. It is ruled by King Duvroc and is a kingdom that does nothing but party. Onii inhabit the Jolly Kingdom, often drunk, and throw explosive beer bottles at Corobo and his Royal Guard.

The area is themed after Japan, with Cherry Blossoms, Noh music, and Duvroc speaking some Japanese during his gibberish.

Upon Corobo's first visit, the entrance is blocked by Moonflowers. After defeating these, he must construct the Jolly Bridge over Firefly Lake to access the main area of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is a giant beer garden, with mats and newspapers littering the ground, streetlights, cherry blossoms, beer crates, and trash cans that citizens can rummage through. In the center is King Duvroc's Party Spot, a fenced-off area where the Giant Cherry Blossom stands.

After Duvroc is defeated, a gate behind the Giant Cherry Blossom opens onto Soldier Town. Another gate opens to the southeastern portion of the Kingdom of the Jolly, where the Marble Dragon guards a Flying Machine part during the God Booze quest. Beyond this area leads to the north portion of Sunflower Plains, which can only be accessed this way.

King's Natural Reserve

Duvroc after his defeat, at the center of the Kingdom

Once Duvroc is defeated, his party spot becomes the King's Natural Reserve, where he will be seen drinking alone and craving soup.

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The Jolly Kingdom's music plays during Space Travel. During the Final Boss, if the End of the World reaches 70%, the Giant Cherry Blossom will be uprooted.

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Names in other languages 

Name Meaning
Japanese よいどれの国

Yoi dore no kuni

Country of the Drunkards
French Beuverie Hills Drunken Hills
Italian Regno degli ubriaconi Kingdom of the Drunks
German Reich der Betrunkenen Realm of the Drunken
Spanish Reino Borracho Drunken Kingdom

The French name of this Kingdom is a pun on "Beverly Hills", a city in Los Angeles, California.


  • The music in Jolly Kingdom is not a specific piece of music, instead being done in the style of Noh, a genre of classical music originating from 14th century Japan.
  • The Jolly Kingdom's music is treated as a series of Sound Effects in the game's programming, as it will always load even if other music is playing via Out-of-Bounds glitches.


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