The Kingstone Jewels are precious jewels spread throughout the kingdoms of The World. These precious jewels are part of Princess Ferne's special quest. There are a total of seven Kingstone Jewels. Once you collect all seven Kingstone Jewels, Princess Ferne will allow you to put one of the Jewels into your scepter.


# 1 Mushmethyst


Jewel's meaning: Non-profit. Shaped like a mushroom, many people bite into it and crack a tooth. Sell it and go see a dentist!

# 2 Akumamarine


A stone that has a devilish gleam that plagues the owner with endless misfortunes. Might also bring luck so it won't kill you... Probably...

# 3 Plumerald


Jewel's meaning: Delicacy. It's red and wrinkly in appearance with a soft texture and a slightly sour flavor.

# 4 Roundmarine


When life gets you down, curl up into a little ball with this gem and stay still until the bad things go away. As well as all of the good things...

# 5 Saffire


You'll lose money at a frightening rate with this gem. Those who are broke need not stress. There's always that extra kidney you've been saving.

# 6 Swataz


Jewel's meaning: Reckless. You'll feel like throwing everyone and everything to the four winds when you have this gem. Viva wanton waste!

# 7 Dynamond


A legendary gem people fight to possess. It's not much to look at, but everyone wants it. Someone seems to be fixing its price.

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