Lotus Root Onii
Lotus Root Onii
Lotus Root Onii
Life 30
Location Primetime Kingdom
UMA Book Description Likes to shoot acorns at random people.

The Lotus Root Onii is a more advanced Onii UMA with a seed cannon, resembling a film reel.

Lotus Root Onii will bombard Corobo's army with acorns, usually from unreachable areas. In the Primetime Kingdom, they are scattered around the Screw-Loose Isles; some are on islands accessible via a teleporting TV, whereas others are not. Usually, it is only possible to defeat this Onii with Animal Hunters.

While almost all appearances of this enemy have it stand on the spot and not move from its position, in one specific area of North Skull Plains, Lotus Root Onii can spawn at random and walk around.


Attack Effect Description
Single shot Projectile
Five rapid-fire shots Projectile



The Lotus Root is a plant with notably large seeds, similar to the ones the Lotus Root Onii fires.

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