Magical Land
Magical Land
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Kingdom Alpoko
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Magical Land

Magical Land is a region in Alpoko, available after defeating the Mush Geezer in the Shadow Forest.


Magical Land is a park or fair for magical citizens. The region is north of Royal City, and connects to Tiptoe Kingdom and Sobamanjaro via a bridge. It must be conquered in order to access the area known as Near New Island.

The houses are dimensionally flat, due to the magical nature of the district. There is also a porta-potty, which hides an Art piece behind it. After being completed, Jack-o-lanterns and rainbow fences, and a paved colorful path leads to a plaza containing the image of a wizard's hat. A cutout panel of Corobo and a Wizard can be built here.

The Magical Girl Wand, a weapon, can be found lying here, and the Lucky Misanga armor is found lying in a trash can.

Carefree Adults will dress up as Wizards here, Eventually a citizen will come to the Castle and inform Corobo of sightings of a real Wizard in Magical Land. If Corobo enters Magical Land after 12:00 AM after this event occurs, Corobo may encounter the Rainbow Wizard, who can be added to the Royal Guard.


  • 2 Treasure (Magical Girly Wand, Misanga)
  • 2 Art pieces


  • Magical Land appears to be a late addition during development, as the region does not appear on the World Map. Furthermore, concept art of Royal City seen in the Japanese Little King's Story Official Guide does not include Magical Land, with a small river and a cliff in its place, which looks similar to the mistake on the World Map.
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