Meadow over the Bridge
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Kingdom Onii Kingdom
Characteristics Gloomy
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The Meadow over the Bridge, also referred to generically as UMA Land, is a Forest protected by the Onii Man Guardian. After its defeat, the Meadow becomes Farmland.

The Meadow over the Bridge is the area that Howser believes to be the rest of the world early in the story. He advises Corobo to take it over from the Onii who currently rule the area.

Before this event, Howser and Liam are seen planting a construction sign in front of the river that divides Castle Town from the Meadow over the Bridge. This is the bridge that Corobo uses to enter the area. Previously, the Onii could be seen over the river, and react to seeing Corobo by running away.

The area resembles the Onii Grounds and Dark Valley, with rock piles and torches decorating it path. The first thing Corobo sees when crossing the bridge is the Skinny Observatory, which has been shut down due to the dangerous UMA lurking nearby. The surrounding field is populated by Onii, and later Turnipheads. The area contains several holes under rocks, behind trees and within holes, containing treasure.

Rocks and Rodeo Cows block the way forward, which eventually leads to an area with a constructible staircase. Two nearby Onii will be having a conversation, but will attack the staircase during its construction. An Onii sitting and smiling on a nearby ledge will also drop down to join in. Another Onii stands upon the opposite ledge, holding a chest containing a Gold Bar, which can only be defeated by Animal Hunters. This staircase leads to the Onii Grounds. Corobo also encounters a weird wall marked with graffiti here, which he will later discover is the back of the Onii King's throne.

After conquering this area and converting it into Farmland, Corobo will receive an angry letter from the Onii King claiming that the Meadow over the Bridge rightfully belongs to the Onii Kingdom, thus inviting Corobo to challenge the Onii King in the Dark Valley.



Names in other languages

Name Meaning
Spanish Prado del Puente Bridge Meadow


  • The Meadow over the Bridge has the distinction of being the only area that is both a Forest and part of a rival kingdom. The Meadow is a region within the Onii Kingdom, but is also converted into Farmland.
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