Melon Patch
Melon Patch
The Melon Patch
Kingdom N/A
Characteristics Melons


"A patch famous for producing monster watermelons!"
- Princess Apricot
The Melon Patch is located just past Sunflower Plains via a bridge, and leads to Near Boney Tunnel. It is featured as the fourth Wonder Spot.

The Melon Patch's most notable feature is that it holds the only Korobokle UMA in The World outside of Generated Quests. If Corobo is seen by the Korobokle, it will alert the nearby resting Meloncholies to attack.

Scattered around the area are many destroyed melons, suggesting previous battles have taken place. There are some windmills decorating the nearby hills, along with scarecrows and sunflowers, although none of the latter are secretly Moonflowers, unlike the previous area.




Names in other languages

Name Meaning
Japanese スイカ畑

Suika hata

Watermelon Field
Spanish Campo de Sandias Watermelon Field


  • The Melon Patch could be interpreted as a parody of Alpoko, since the Korobokle is a doppelgänger of Corobo, and the watermelons act under his command similarly to the Royal Guard. The Windmills also form a small village of sorts.


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