Miner's Town
Miner's Town
Miner's Town Kingdom Plan Image
Kingdom Alpoko
Locations Giga Grinder
Rock Head Village
Machine Residence

Miner's Town is a region in Alpoko, and is the Final District of Alpoko.


Miner's Town is the final district of Alpoko, and can only be obtained by unlocking all the other districts, and defeating the Ultimate UMA Guardian- the Blue Dragon. Miner's Town is located North of Glamour Town, and also features access to Three Rival Kingdoms after they have been conquered: Ripe Kingdom, Worrywart Kingdom and Primetime Kingdom. Miner's Town is town populated by Ripped Miners and features many Crystal Gems, and Small Caverns that are located around the District. After you build all three buildings in the Kingdom Plan, two Mines will pop up, allowing you to make the Miner class of citizen. Miner's Town is exclusive to the Giga Carpenter class of citizen, who can be created from the Giga Grinder. The Giga Carpenters are required to complete the sole elevator in New Island. Miner's Town also features a small, high-technological part of it with many neon lights and other technological things.

Kingdom Plans

Giga Grinder Region: Miner's Town Cost: 7050000 Bol You can train Giga Carpenters! They can build mechanical elevators.

Rock Head Village Region: Miner's Town Cost: 2500000 Bol Build a stone village for the stubborn. You will gain 4 citizens!

Machine Residence Region: Miner's Town Cost: 2740000 Bol This will build a village of machines. You will gain 4 citizens!