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Skills Digging Smoking Holes
Eruption Attack
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Mounties are the citizens of the Tip Toe Kingdom, and are under the rule of Long Sauvage. The Mounties also operate some form of hiking to Sobamanjaro. They are also very arrogant about stating that being great is tall, having a personality like their king.

Abilities as a Citizen


The Mountie found in Alpoko

After you defeat Long Sauvage and take over Tiptoe Kingdom, a lone Mountie will become a citizen in your kingdom. The Mountie can dig up the smoke holes located mostly around Sobamanjaro, which usually contain Art or Treasure. The Mountie is also useful in battle and will very rarely cause an eruption in battle, but this can cause massive damage.


Mounties somewhat look like a real mountie or a Nutcracker, they wear a red buttoned coat, and their helmets are shaped after Somanjaro or a volcano. The Mounties like King Long Sauvage wear glasses over their eyes. Mounties also have an odd Triangular Nose.