Mush Geezer
Mush Geezer
Mush Geezer
Life 70
Location Shade Forest
UMA Book Description Elder mushroom. Spawns other Mush Men.

The Mush Geezer is an UMA, and the Guardian of the Shadow Forest, resembling a large, elderly mushroom with bushy eyebrows and a wrinkled stem, holding up a white cap.

Guardian Battle

During its Guardian battle, the Mush Geezer stays in the same spot. Mush Men will spawn at random around his feet.

Attacks Effect Description
Light sneeze Melee Quick, hits in front
Strong sneeze Area-of-effect, Blow Away Longer start-up, instant kill attack, travels all the way forward, damages Mush Men
Cap crush Area-of-effect, Instant Kill Cap grows to the size of arena and crushes the darkened area on the ground, can be avoided by hiding in the corner, instantly kills Mush Men too


  • The PAL instruction booklet of the game incorrectly names a Mush Man as a Mush Geezer, and describes the Mush Geezer's abilities.


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