New Island
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The map of New Island
Ruler Jumbo Champloon
Princess Princess Martel
Regions New Island Park

New Island is the final kingdom and, by extension, the most dangerous. It is made of trash and is still under construction. Jumbo Champloon is the king of this land and resides near the south, whilst hordes of strange enemies wander near the center. This island has no east or west, as it is a single strip of land. Craftians are the inhabitants of the land, and constantly try to construct all of the island. Just like their leader, they speak gibberish.

The music is a remix of "Golliwog's Cakewalk."


Although seemingly gibberish, the words the Craftians and Jumbo Champloon use actually have meaning. You can use this to translate things like signs, and Jumbo Champloon's Letter. Some of the translations are:

  • Airplane = King
  • Spaghetti = Live
  • Christmas = Boring
  • Camel = Genius
  • Bathroom = Criminal
  • Toilet = Enemy
  • Suntan Oil = War
  • Tapeworm = Adult
  • Helicopter = Love,
  • Mantis = Invader
  • Olympics = Hate
  • Potato = Yes
  • Bell Pepper = NO
  • Hamburger = Love
  • Caterpillar = Small
  • Machine Gun = Huge
  • Bulldozer = God
  • Roach = Devil



  • This is the only place that has a giga elevator.
  • The land itself is under construction, but the building block dragons and the Eastern based music suggests that when the land is finished, it would be a Medieval, Chinese or Japanese-based land.
  • Craftians are among the three characters that can be put on the Royal Guard that are not humans.
  • Most of the area is complete. The far south, however, is still covered in garbage.
  • After the king defeats King Jumbo Champloon, the land becomes New Island Park, where the citizens of Alpoko have to finish the construction and have to make the place up and running for the people of Alpoko.
  • During the end of the world in the final boss battle, New Island appears to sink.