King Omelet
King Omelet
Sex Male
Ruler of Worrywart Kingdom
Subjects Eggan
Captured Princess Princess Shizuka
"Even if you must solve something, even if the door of doubt in front of your eyes has been opened, there will be another door waiting for you. Beyond that door is an infinite number of doors. In the end, you and I will never reach the last door."
— King Omelet

King Omelet is the fourth boss of Little King's Story, and ruler of the Worrywart Kingdom. He is one of two bosses, that are not battled directly, along with Long Sauvage. His minions are the Eggans, who, like their king, constantly ask questions.


King Omelet, is a very skinny man, who spend his time on a toilet, inside a giant, multi-shelled egg. He is also bald, apart from two tufts of hair sticking out sidewards.

Omelet is anxious and always questioning things. This has made him condescending, pessimistic and somewhat dull and expressionless. He prefers to hid in his shell.

King Battle

King Omelet's Egg

The ominous egg

Omelet is a unique boss, in the fact that he is not battled directly, and instead poses a quiz to Omelet will ask a question, then multiple objects will appear on the battle ground. The answer to the question is one of these objects, and must be answered before the time runs out. As the fight progresses, more and more Eggans and Cockadoodledos appear in the arena, in an attempt to stop Corobo from reaching the answer.

If Corobo gets a question wrong, or if he runs out of time, then the arena will enter a Dark World: in this state, the Egg vanishes, and Corobo will be attacked by a barrage of charging Cockadoodledos, which will increase with the number of wrong answers, eventually being joined by Rodeo Cows too.

There will either be 9 or 10 questions, and this will be randomised on each playthrough.


# Question Answer Help
1 White is dirty, black is clean. What am I? Chalk-board --
2 Former King to the Jolly Kingdom. Which is the real Duvroc? Find the correct Duvroc He will have a brown beared, two tufts of hair, and be standing on 4 boxes.
3 Do you recognize the silhouette? Find the enemy which matches the silhouette --
4 Water hurts me but grass helps me. What am I? Torch --
5 Which is the real suggestion box? Any suggestions...? The suggestion box that matches the one in your kingdom. It is rounded, with a slot, a lamp, and a little off the ground.
6 Whose voice is this? Omelet will speak to you in a random citizens voice. Find the citizen with the matching voice. You can go up to one of the answers and talk to them when a ? appears over Corobo's head.
7 I stand still whilst always moving forward. What am I? Alarm Clock --
8 Where did you hear this tune? Omelet will play a random song from the game to you. Find and match the song to the correct location.
  • A Cake indicates the Ripe Kingdom
  • The Suggestion Box indicates the Town Square
  • The Throne indicates the Castle
  • A Sunflower indicates the Sunflower Plains
  • A Dead Cow indicates the Skull Plains
  • The Tombstone indicates the Graveyard
9 Someone is this land's big problem. Who is it? Repeatedly attack the egg in the middle of the battlefield. Eventually Omelet will get the picture that he is the problem and you will win the fight. --


An omelet is a common egg dish.


  • If the player hits Omelet's Egg with the sceptre, after his defeat, he will say "To live, or to not live? That is the Ultimate Question?"
  • In the cutscene King Omelet's egg has the initials "WC" on it, likely standing for water closet, another word for restroom.
  • He appears to say in his gibberish "Disconnectar", "Subterrania", and "Cellular" which are words in spanish which mean "Disconnect", "Subterranian", and "Cell Phone".
  • In the popular Seven Deadly sins theory, Omelet is Wrath. Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Aquinas says that Wrath is characterized by misplaced anger, hasty anger or complete passivity. Omelet takes the passivity part in that he never attacks or shows and sign of anger at his defeat.


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