• "Letter of Attorney. To the king of Alscaredo. Please see me about the following: 1. Bedtime Anxiety, 2. Agoraphobia, 3. Carefree tendencies. After worrying about worrying, think about what you've thought, and come see me. -King Omelet"


Worrywart Soldier 3

  • "That is the ultimate question..."

Punish Omelet

  • "...Extraordinary ...Mundane ...Extraordinary ...Mundane ...Extraordinary ...Mundane ...Extraordinary ...Mundane"

King Battle

Asking questions

  • "It's the Kingdom Quiz Battle. Will you lose? Can you win?"
  • "That is the question."
  • "Correct."


  • "Too bad... Here's a Cockadoodle."
  • "Too bad... Cockacockadoodle to you."
  • "Don't get too 'cocky.'"

Corobo Wins

  • "My my. How dare you come around peeping into here? Just because you beat me doesn't give you the right to go peeping in toilets. Do you think you've become that great?"
  • "I see. By the way, after you punish all of the other kings, will that make you the best king in the world? Do you think you are the best just because you beat up everyone?"
  • "I see. Either way, whether you are great or not is not the question. You being concerned about it is the actual problem.
  • "I see. However, that answer proves that you still have problems. Even if you must solve something, even if the door of doubt in front of your eyes has been opened, there will be another door waiting for you. Beyond that door is an infinite number of doors. In the end, you and I will never reach the last door. That's why I want... a little more time to think inside the toilet in the egg shell. Please give me time to think... until I open the last door..."

After Defeat

  • [Breaking the eggshell] "...It's occupied."
  • "Why do I exist?"
  • "...What is existence?"
  • "...What determines existence?"
  • "...Thinking that is the question."
  • "...Thinking of questioning questions."
  • "...Will this questioning end?"
  • "...This question is questionable."
  • "...But how to end it."
  • "...Defining the end is the question."
  • "...What would it solve knowing that?"
  • "...Who would solve it?"
  • "...Ending an answer is the question."
  • "...Defining the answer is the question."
  • "...And thinking that is the question."
  • "...I question questions to question."
  • "...What does it mean to live?"
  • "...What does it mean to die?"
  • "...To live or not to live... I think that is the question."
  • "...Making problems of troubles."
  • "...I'm the problem for thinking that."
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