Life 8
Location Dark Valley
UMA Book Description Cute and annoying: likes to throw pots.

Oniis are small black creatures, with a single horn on their head. They are considered the primary enemies of Little King's Story. Although adorable in appearance, their nature does not match their looks. Oniis are lead by the Onii King and Onii Man, both of whom lead small groups of Onii. They are loyal to their King, and proceed with his commands without question. There are many sub-species of Onii, scattered across the globe. Onii are fairly weak and can be taken down with about four or five Grunt Soldiers. Some Onii are not just under the command of the Onii King, but some of the other kings as well! Some Onii are also very energetic and playful, to the extent of being very dangerous!


  • Chipped Horn
  • Trash Can
  • Candy Drop


  • Oniis were named after "Oni"- demons in Japanese mythology
  • Oniis sometimes have conversations, seen by speech bubbles with pictures of Oniis, crowns, and symbols showing anger.
  • You can see holes in the Dark Valley, Onii Grounds, and other Onii-controlled areas; this may suggest that Oniis build Montezuma's Castle-like houses in the sides of cliffs.
  • You can see a doll in the bedroom (where the final boss fight takes place) that looks exactly like an Onii, suggesting that the Boy based Oniis in his world after that doll.
  • According to Pancho, the Oniis are responsible for the UMAs by feeding things Janga Pickles the Oniis made.
  • An Onii doll was available for people who pre ordered Little King's Story.