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Onii with Pot PAL art.png|Art of an Onii from the PAL Instruction Booklet
Onii with Pot PAL art.png|Art of an Onii from the PAL Instruction Booklet
UMA Beaten.png|Oniis in the Record Book
UMA Beaten.png|Oniis in the Record Book
Mi-imagen-de-New-Little-King’s-Story---PlayStation-Vita-22916.jpg|Onii seen in the reimagining
Little king s story 17209.jpg|Onii doll avaliable to those who pre-ordered the game in North America
Little king s story 17209.jpg|Onii doll avaliable to those who pre-ordered the game in North America

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Life 8
Location Dark Valley
UMA Book Description Cute and annoying: likes to throw pots.

The Onii (オニー, Onī) are a demonic species of black humanoid creatures that originate from the Onii Kingdom. They are considered the primary enemies of Little King's Story, as most UMA are a form of Onii. Although adorable in appearance and playful in nature, they are hostile when provoked.

The basic Onii has two sharp teeth and a single horn atop their head, and has several different variations. Some basic Onii hold chests on high ledges, and can only be defeated by Animal Hunters. They are not hostile, and will briefly run away when provoked. Others throw rocks from above, or occasionally Molotov cocktails.
The Onii are initially believed to be led by the Onii Man in the Onii Grounds, before he is defeated and the real leader is revealed to be the Onii King, whom the species follows closely. After the Onii King is defeated, the Onii flee the Dark Valley and spread to other Kingdoms.

According to the English version of Little King's Story, Onii can be pluralised as both Onii and Oniis.

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Attacks Edit

Unlike most UMA, the standard Onii can use several different fighting styles without being considered a separate UMA.

Default Edit

Attack Effect Description
Headbutt Melee Hits above and in front
Run forwards Charge

Pot Thrower Edit

Attack Effect Description
Throws Pot/Rock/Cake Projectile Can be broken by Animal Hunters

Drunk Edit

Attack Effect Description
Throws exploding bottle Projectile


Fire briefly stays in place where bottle lands
Spins bottle Melee
Throws bottle Projectile

Locations Edit


  • Chipped Horn
  • Trash Can
  • Candy Drop

Etymology Edit

The Oni are a type of demon hailing from Japanese folklore. "Onii-" can be used as a prefix to denote a sibling in Japanese grammar, although this appears to be unrelated.

Names in other languages Edit

Name Meaning
Japanese オニー


French Démon Demon
Italian Onii Onii
German Teufel Devil
Spanish Demonio Demon

The Japanese name is pronounced "onn-ee".

Notably, the French version uses the masculine form of "demon" for all Onii, including the Onii Bride.

The Spanish version incorrectly refers to its "Demonios" as "Onii" on several occasions.


  • Onii sometimes have conversations, featuring speech bubbles with pictures of Oniis, crowns, hammers, and symbols showing anger.
  • Various adits can be seen in the walls of the Dark Valley and other Onii-controlled areas. This may suggest that Onii build and live in Montezuma's Castle-like structures in the sides of cliffs.
  • According to Pancho, the Onii are responsible for the UMA by feeding animals Janga Pickles made by the Onii to cause the animals to become aggressive. This is seen first-hand by the Pickle Pot Onii's ability.
  • An Onii doll was available for people who pre-ordered Little King's Story.


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