Onii King
Onii King
Onii King
Sex Male
Ruler of Onii Kingdom
Subjects Onii
Abilities Throwing objects
Captured Princess Princess Apricot
"What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine."
— Onii King

The Onii King is the king of the Onii Kingdom, and the first king young Corobo faces. The Onii King is the ruler of Onii in the Dark Valley and trapped Princess Apricot inside a vase. You first hear of him when Corobo defeats the Onii Man in the Onii Grounds. He sends a letter of challenge to Corobo calling Alpoko Aljerko, calling Corobo a jerk and saying he is the best. When Corobo confronts the Onii King in Dark Valley he says what's mine is mine and what's Corobo's land is the Onii King's land. After his defeat he runs off his throne saying what's yours is yours and what's mine is yours. After that he is never seen in the game again only the Oniis are still seen in very large numbers.

He represents the sin of Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Powers and Abilities

Onii King

The Onii King.

The Onii King throws pots, rocks, and logs at Corobo during the battle. When he snores he will throw the object in his hand at a very fast and strong speed its hard to miss that attack. Also after the Onii King is dizzy for a while he will awake with 3 eruptions that cover a large area around him. He can also kick the player's men when they're attacking him. You can defeat him by just attacking and retreating when he is going to attack you and your men and with a bit of luck you will succeed.

New Little King's Story

Onii King return in New Little King's Story fulfilling basically the same role as before with minor differences. He attacks similarly and flees when defeated. Unlike in the original, Corobo is fighting him for Princess Apricot and not for world domination. He also seems to believe that she is his girlfriend. She had no idea on the matter.

Personality and Traits

The Onii King is smugly lazy and indolent. He above all hates Corobo and constantly trash-talks him for invading his land. After losing, he is shown to be an utter coward as he runs away.


  • According to the game pamphlet the Onii King and King Duvroc are friends.
  • The Onii King appears to be a typical fantasy villain, and seems to have no basis in the real world for anyone Corobo knows. This is possibly because he is the last king set in place by the real Corobo and the first one King Corobo fights and thus he had run out of people he was agitated and angry with to parody as evil kings.