Onii Kingdom
Dark Valley
Dark Valley, the main area of the Onii Kingdom
Ruler Onii King
Princess Princess Apricot
Regions Meadow over the Bridge
Valley of Memories
Dark Valley
Onii Grounds
Dark Valley Map Icon

The Onii Kingdom is the first kingdom that Corobo explores, ruled by Onii King. It is located in the southeast of The World, and is inhabited by many Onii, most of which leave and join other kingdoms after the Onii King's defeat. Later, wild animals overrun the Dark Valley.

To the southwest is the Sunflower Plains, and to the north is Farmland, which was once Meadow over the Bridge, an area which previously belonged to the Onii Kingdom.



Including Onii Grounds


Names in other languages

Name Meaning
French Vallée de King Démon King Demon's Valley / Onii King's Valley
Spanish Reino de los demonios Kingdom of the Demons / Kingdom of the Onii


  • The Onii Kingdom is the kingdom with the most regions, one of only two kingdoms to have different pieces of music between regions (the other being the Tiptoe Kingdom) and the only kingdom to be partially conquered by Corobo before being fully conquered later.


Little King's Story Soundtrack--Dark Valley Skull Plains

Little King's Story Soundtrack--Dark Valley Skull Plains

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