Onii Man
Onii Man
Onii Man
Life 40
Location Dark Valley
UMA Book Description Leader of other disreputable Onii.

The Onii Man is a larger, more powerful Onii, first appearing as the Guardian of the Onii Grounds and Meadow over the Bridge before becoming a reoccurring UMA.

Compared to standard Onii, Onii Men are larger in size, have two horns instead of one, and wield a spiked club.


The Onii Man will stay in place, and always face Corobo, no matter where he is in the arena. Four regular Onii guard his front, and also all face Corobo, forming a wall between the King and the Onii Man. All five of these UMA have increased life. Two Onii also throw rocks and pots from the far wall. Only the Onii Man must be defeated for this battle to be won. This Onii Man's attacks are slightly faster versions of his regular UMA form's attacks, and he lacks the charge attack.


Attack Effect Description
Vertical club slam Melee Hits above and in front, does 2 hits of damage
Horizontal club swing Melee Hits around front, does 2 hits of damage
Dashes while waving club Charge


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