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Princess Apricot at Over-there-Beach
Kingdom Alpoko

Over-there Beach (あちらのビーチ, Achira no bīchi), or simply Corobo's Beach, is an area of the Kingdom of Alpoko that was once guarded by the Cow Bones, before the Guardian was defeated by Corobo. It is connected to Castle Town for most of the story, save for the beginning, where it is accessed via the Ruined Turnip Field.

The Beach is split into two halves by trash washed ashore from New Island. After Corobo gains a Craftian, he can create a walkway through the building blocks in this trash and access a Wonder Spot, an Art piece and Crab Onii on the other side, as well as a Steel Bridge connecting to New Island.

Sometimes if a citizen dies they will wash up on the Beach encased in a pot. According to a legend, a Kingdom of the Dead lies beyond the sea, hence why citizens return here upon death.

The heart-0

The heart drawn on the beach.

Pots and logs will wash up, which may contain items when broken.

During the evening, citizens will go on dates at this beach, and Mr. M will play Debussey's "Clair de Lune" before he falls asleep here, under an umbrella. Following the Beach's theme of love, under his rug is a heart shape drawn in the sand with a kissing face made out of starfish.




Names in other Languages

Name Meaning
Japanese あちらのビーチ

Achira no bīchi

Over-there Beach
French Plage Beach
Italian Quella spiaggia That Beach
German Abgelegener Strand Faraway Beach
Spanish Playa de Barbate Barbate Beach

The Spanish name appears to be a reference to the real beach town of Barbate in Cádiz, Spain.


  • If Cow Bones has not been defeated yet, meaning that the Beach is not under Corobo's rule, then citizens that fall in battle instead simply appear in Castle Town, with the message "X people have come to the town square!"
  • Even after being conquered by Corobo, the Beach still has a yellow pin on the map, like a UMA-occupied forest. While this could be due to UMA still appearing in this area after it has been conquered, the Former Onii Grounds attains a blue pin after being conquered, like a town within Alpoko would, even though many UMA still inhabit it.
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